Introducing How to Explain a Diagnosis to a Child

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With excitement, we announce the publication of How to Explain a Diagnosis to a Child from Janet Arnold and Francine McLeod. Members of our own Savvy Sassy Team, Janet and Francine bring a wealth of knowledge to parents. After over 20 years of working with children with disabilities, Janet and Francine empathize with parents. They kindly and clearly articulate what many may be feeling, but are afraid to say.

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The background of How to Explain a Diagnosis to a Child

How to Explain a Diagnosis to a Child begins with Janet Arnold’s own recollection of her personal journey alongside her son. During his time in elementary school, Janet’s son was diagnosed with a learning disability. According to Janet, her son’s diagnosis “strengthened [her] commitment to work collaboratively with his educators to ensure his rights and needs as a student were being met.”

Janet’s own experiences with her son, alongside Francine and the nature of their work has granted them the mastery in order to reach out to others under similar circumstances. Their book assists parents in a task not often spoken about freely: How to explain a young child’s diagnosis to him or her.

What you’ll find in the pages of the book

Janet and Francine’s text includes a step-by-step activity list. The list offers parents support on the journey to explain a diagnosis to a child. Their tasks are clever, entertaining, and act as a bonding experience for both parents and children. Janet and Francine encourage parents to take their time completing the activities within the book. All children develop at different rates, so parents tailor the journey to explain a child’s diagnosis to their needs.

We know Janet and Francine’s book will help many families in explaining their child’s diagnosis. The poignant read educates, but it also supports parents as they support their children.

Praise for How to Explain a Diagnosis to a Child

Don’t just take our word for it! Janet and Francine crafted a book that strikes a chord with community members, parents, and educators.

“This much-needed resource truly captures the individual needs of each child, and allows families and professionals to take their time to help guide children through a difficult transition… This insightful and practical book should be in the hands of all parents to ensure that their child is successful in embracing their diagnosis.”  Lynn Ziraldo

Grab a copy of How to Explain a Diagnosis to a Child here!

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