The most incredible things to do in Ibiza

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Though Ibiza may be small, and incomparable in size to other Spanish hotspots like Barcelona, we found new and exciting things to do every day of our trip. We narrowed down some of the must-see’s and do’s in Ibiza in a short time, to help make your holiday relaxing, adventurous and fun.


Take a trip to Formentera

Definitely travel to Formentera, an island South of Ibiza and one of the 3 Balearic islands. It took us about 45 minutes to get to the island by boat from a port near our hotel. Miles of white sand beaches comprise the tiny island. We adored the crystal blue waters, so clear I could see the sand banks at the bottom of the ocean. Formentera feels like a more simple, quiet version of Ibiza that gives you seclusion and harmony with the breathtaking natural surroundings.

sunset in San Antoni

World famous Ibiza sunset in Sant Antoni de Portmany

We asked some of the locals where to catch the best sunset in Ibiza. They all responded with the same answer: Sant Antoni de Portmany. Sant Antoni de Portmany sits on the west coast of Ibiza with a busy promenade comprised of shops, bars and restaurants, and it’s the place to be to catch the spectacular Ibiza sunset.

Hippy Market Las Dalias

Visit the Hippy Market

Las Dalias, the oldest Hippy Market on the island, feels authentic and bohemian. From the second you arrive, you are transported into a completely new world. The Market comes to life through it’s vibrant colors, tantalizing aromas, and boisterous sounds. You can purchase handmade, unique jewelry pieces from the vendors. If you are planning on a visit to the Hippy Market, please be forewarned, it is only open on Monday and Tuesday evenings.

Ibiza beach clubBeach club in Ibiza

Book a beach club

Book a beach club ahead of time! They tend to fill up early in the morning, and then your chances of getting an umbrella and sun chair are unlikely. Trust me, you need an umbrella to protect yourself from the scorching sun. Here are our top beach clubs that we visited while in Ibiza:

Malibu Beach Club: A smaller beach club on Las Salinas, the southern tip of Ibiza. This beach club is full of vibrant activities, vendors, sun-worshippers and great food.  The Malibu beach club caters to mostly adults, with some families.

Cala Bassa Beach Club: Just beautiful! The Cala Bassa Beach is an expansive beach club with white sand, clear waters and tons of amenities including stores and restaurants. I hightly recommend booking ahead for this one!

Atzaro Beach Club: Breathtaking picturesque views. Rocky cliffs that you can jump off into the waters. Atzaro Beach Club has a smaller beach and recommended for families.

Shopping in Ibiza Town

Shop in Ibiza

Shopping in Ibiza town feels eclectic. There are shops and restaurants on every block ranging in prices and decor.

Shop in Ibiza Town

A neccessary item for beach goers is a beach blanket. The best place to get one is at the local store. The prices escalate based on where you choose to buy, but you can negotiate for one at the beach. They are colorful and easy to pack up the end of your beach excursion.

Shop in Ibiza Town

Beach cover-ups are everywhere! I found the best variety were at the beaches, where they are modeled by beautiful locals. The prices are non-negotiable, but the selection is huge. At each beach you will find a diffferent version of something you have already seen.

Shop in Ibiza Town

A fouta, is an essential item when you hit the beach in Ibiza. These towels are also known as the “turkish towel” and are easily transportable and dry quickly. They come in a a variety of patterns and colors, and for the fashionable consumers, they also range in prices. For us, they were a game changer. By using our foutas at the beach clubs, we didnt have to purchase towels daily.

Ibiza is a great vacation spot with breathtaking views, crystal clear water and white sandy beaches. It is full of action and vibrancy and it has a feeling and energy day and night!

Some of the images were taken by Jennifer Arndt Photography!

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