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Holiday family travel made easy

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Intimidating as it may be to pack up and head out to destinations near and far during the holidays, with a little preparation, some handy products and out-of-the-box thinking, you can get set up for a successful holiday family travel season.

Multi-function packing

I like multi-tasking, so when I saw the EVENaBAG, I knew this could be a product I would get into. EVENaBAG is a shoulder bag that morphs into a chair, mat or hanging shelf. Those days of sitting on the floor at the airport just got a little more comfy.  


EVENaBAG is a chair, a mat, a hanging shelf and even a bag.

Healthy snacks made easy

I’ll admit it, when my family travels we often do not snack as well as we should. Problem solved with GoBites.com, an all-natural snack delivery service. GoBites.com has 25 delicious varieties of portion-controlled goodness. They will even deliver to your hotel!

go bites, holiday family travel

There are more than 25 varieties of Go Bites.

Stay charged

If you have ever used your phone as your camera while traveling, you know how fast the battery can drain. There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to snap a few more end-of-day photos only to be denied with a dead battery. The Easypak is a battery pack designed to charge your iPhone 5 up to 3 1/2 times. It has multiple ports, is lightweight, portable and super-sturdy.

Easypak, holiday family travel

Easypak is a genius solution for always-connected moms like me!

Don’t schlep presents

Presents, especially when you have little ones, can take up a ton of room. Save on space and take out the hassle by mailing a box of gifts ahead of time, or skip that step all together and have your packages sent directly to your destination.

Entertaining the kids

No matter the mode of transportation or destination, Travel Fairy gifts will make for an easier travel day.  I like to go art-inspired with blank drawing books and washable markers; stock up on little knick-knacks from the dollar bin; and load up fresh new apps on the iPad. Or go one-stop-shopping with The Happy Trunk. Offering self-contained art, craft and science boxes for kids ages 3 to 11, The Happy Trunk is a super-cute way to keep the kids entertained.

thehappytrunk, holiday family travel

The Happy Trunk has more than a dozen art boxes to choose from.

Road trip tips

Did you know that roughly 91 percent of family travel during the holidays is by car? If you’re planning on loading up the wagon, you will get the most mileage out of your kids with these few simple tricks:

  1. Plan to stop every two hours
  2. Dole out your Travel Fairy surprises
  3. Give each kid a roll of quarters to spend at their destination – but they have to pay you once they start complaining!
  4. Download a list of road trip games
  5. Listen to books on tape
  6. Have fun! 
Hotel Tips

The last thing you want to do after a long day of travel is schlep all your gear up a ton of flights of stairs. Make the trek a little easier by requesting a room on the first floor, or better yet, by the pool or playground.

If you have really little ones you can also request childproofing in advance.

Live like a local

No matter where you end up on your trip, you can do a few things to live like a local. Taking buses and trains to get around for little ones can be adventures in-and-of themselves. If you want to take in a show, visit a local restaurant or find out some great kid activities, set your deal site apps to your local city and see what pops up.  Don’t forget to check out local blogs for insider tips, too. I love learning more about the best places to go from moms like me.

The holidays can be a stressful time but with a little advanced planning, some ingenious products and a good attitude you can take on the world!

What are your favorite holiday family travel tips? Share them below!

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