GoPro for Families: Capture Your Everyday Adventures

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When you think of GoPro, you may think of extreme athletes and high-risk adventures. Their ads often show snowboarders flipping off snowy peaks, mountain bikers speeding down rocky terrain, or big wave surfers deep in a barrel. But GoPros work just as well at capturing everyday adventures too. Here’s why I love GoPro for families.

GoPro for Families

Parents today take more videos and photos of their kids than ever – but what do you do with those digital memories? I’m still terrible at remembering to print out hard copies of photos. However one thing our family does do is make a family movie each year. Each January and February, my husband painstakingly consolidates all our videos from the year, edits them down to a manageable size with iMovie, and puts them to music.

It is a huge labor of love but so valuable! We re-watch the videos throughout the year and it’s been such a fun way to be reminded of all our adventures and help my boys realize how much they’ve grown and accomplished. While a lot of our video footage throughout the year is captured with smart phones and a traditional video camera, there is one addition that has completely changed how we capture my active family’s adventures: a GoPro.

Whether it’s your toddler’s first time riding without training wheels, your 10-year-old getting 2 inches of “air” at the snow park or your tween standing up for the first time on a surfboard, GoPro is the perfect tool to help you capture your family’s big outdoor moments. Here are just a few reasons I’m a huge fan.

Get in the Action

One of the things that I love most about GoPro for families is that they allow you to get right in the middle of the action. The video I can take from my phone on the shore is nothing compared to shot my 13-year-old gets from his boogie board in the water!

Our family has owned a number of GoPros over the years, and the latest GoPro Hero 8 offers a huge jump in features and functionality. The HyperSmooth 2.0 stabilization means that your kid’s skate videos will look shake-free. Voice control lets you turn your GoPro on, off or start recording hands-free.

LiveBurst mode lets me grab 90 still images of a moment by capturing 1.5 seconds before and after I hit the shutter guaranteeing I get the perfect shot off the jump. Plus the GoPro housing is waterproof, super durable, and has built-in mounting because family adventures often mean getting dirty.

Capture their View

I also love how GoPro lets you capture your kid’s view. My 13-year-old has recently gotten into mountain biking and I love that when he comes back, we can re-watch the footage of his ride from his GoPro helmet mount. I get to see his experience of just missing that big rock or nailing the landing of a jump he’s been working on.

GoPro also allows you to capture a different view of your kids. Flip the camera around on the floating hand grip and suddenly we get to capture the moments of nerves, determination, and stoked success of making it out of the barrel – something I’d never get from the shore.

All-weather, All-adventure Versatility

Whether your family likes water sports or activities with two wheels or four, whether you prefer the desert sun or cold mountain powder, the GoPro can handle any kind of outdoor family adventure. While there are plenty of times I hesitate to hand off my phone for my kids to grab a pic, I know the GoPro can handle just about anything my kids can throw at it.

Personalized Highlight Reel with the GoPro App

Every kid likes to have their accomplishments noticed and with the free GoPro app, you can easily turn your GoPro video and still frames into post-worthy presentations. My 13-year-old made all the videos in this post in just few minutes with the GoPro app! Choose different layouts, music, and highlight points in your clips and – voila! – a super fun and easy way to take your GoPro footage and turn it into something memorable.

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Disclosure: GoPro provided a product sample for this post. All opinions expressed are my own. Sick moves by my kids.


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