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What to pack in your kids carryon bag (10 Must haves for the plane)

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March break is around the corner which means that many families will be packing up and heading on vacation. Once you get all of the essentials packed in your suitcase, you can begin to think about how to entertain kids on the flight. As the kids have grown up, they each now bring their own bags. We have graduated from small rolling suitcases to backpacks. I let the kids decide which bag to bring as they are responsible for carrying it. Now, what to pack in your kids carryon bag…

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What to pack in your kids carryon bag

For the most part, I like to pack the kids carryons with different things in each kids bag so that there is more variety for them. With that said, there are a few things that they both need. Each kids gets their own iPad or gaming device to keep them entertained as well as headphones. I have also learned that they each need their own water bottle! Waiting for the drink cart to come when you have a thirsty child is no fun! Next up is snacks. To keep the snack organized, I like to pack them in a big snack bag. This keeps them all together and then I can use the bag on the trip later as a wet bag for bathing suits or snacks at the beach.

There are lots of great activities to pack, but these are my 10 favorite activities to pack in your kids carryon bags.

What to pack in your kids carryon
10 things to keep kids busy on the plane

1. WaterWOW – These a brilliant. No need to worry about running out of ink or using up all the pages. This reusable book that colours with water is amazing! My kids have been using these for years and they are still entertained! The kids can practice letter and numbers or they can just color, whatever is best for them!

2. Clay – My friends recently launched this business and their clay is amazing. It is so light weight and has such a nice consistency. It isn’t messy at all and is perfect for travel! Throw a while bunch of them into their backpack, all different colours, and they creations will be endless!

3. Search & Find Books – Put me in front of a “Where’s Waldo?” book and I will still have fun looking for him! Search & Find books are great for kids of all ages. While Where’s Waldo is better for kids a little bit older, there are great books for younger kids from Melissa and Doug.

4. Magnetic games – There is nothing worse than small pieces from a game falling all over the floor during a flight. Magnetic games are the best for the airplane! Some of our favorites include Hangman, Tic-Tac-Toe, & Bingo.

5. Coloring – Need I say more? When the kids get a coloring book in front of them I am always amazed at how much they love it! Bring pencil cases for each kid with the markers and crayons and they will be so happy!

6. Magnatiles – If your kids haven’t played with magnatiles, now is the time to try them. If they have, then you know how great they are! I like to bring these on trip because they are easy to travel with and kids of all ages love them!

7. Cards & Card holder for little hands – Now is a great time for your kids to play card games. At 5 and 8, my kids LOVE playing cards with each other and me! I love the skill involved in playing cards and that they can play with kids and adults of all ages. The Card holder for little hands are my absolute favorite!!! They make it easy for the kids to hold the cards and actually see what they have in their hands!!

8. Triangle crayons – These are also winners for the airplane. When coloring, these are a great option because triangle crayons don’t roll!

9. Dry erase activity book – I happen to be a big fan of dry erase books. Not only can you use them over and over again, but you can pass them from kid to kid! This is a great activity, you don’t have to worry about making mistakes and they are reusable. Again, there are many varieties to choose from so there is something for everyone!

10. Wikki Stix – Do you remember these? They are cute and fun! The kids can use these wax sticks to make little figures. You can also use them to make shapes on the windows and the try tables too!

What other games do you recommend for travel?

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