Glow Toronto: What’s it all about?

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You have probably seen pictures on social media and heard the buzz about Glow, now in Toronto. Glow Toronto is a pop-up that has been making its way through Canada and the US, dazzling people with lights and an interactive experience.

What to know before you go to GLOW TORONTO!
  • Glow Toronto is only in Toronto until January 5th, so make sure to go before then if you don’t want to miss out!
  • Book your tickets ahead of time. Tickets are selling out fast, so don’t show up expecting to buy tickets when you get there. You will be disappointed!
  • The price is different during the week and the weekend
    • Kids (4-12): $14.99 on weekdays, $16.99 on weekends
    • Adults: $19.99 on weekdays, $22.99 on weekends
  • If you plan on going a few times, you can buy a seasons pass. They offer seasons passes for individuals and families (2 adults & 3 kids) ranging from $38.99 to $74.99.
  • It is located at the Toronto Congress Centre North Building
    1020 Martin Grove Rd, Etobicoke, ON M9W 4W1
  • There is lots of free parking
  • Glow is wheelchair and stroller accessible!
  • Glow is INDOORS!!
Should I go to Glow Toronto?

Both the kids and I had the best time at Glow Toronto! The kids were on a mission to find Santa’s Lost Presents! When we got there, the kids each got a little booklet that explained that they needed to walk through the Glow Gardens to find Santa’s lost presents. They were so excited, they were running from light display to light display looking for the presents and claiming their stamp when they found them. They were filled with excitement and anticipation about what was around the next corner!

I too was filled with excitement and anticipation of what the next photo op would be! The light displays are truly amazing and so fun! Walk through a huge present, walk through the icicle cavern and of course, visit with Santa! There are so many beautiful places to take photos!

I loved how the whole place is go at your own pace. There is no time limit, no “one way only” mentality and it’s very casual. You have lots of time to get the perfect photo and no one pressuring you to hurry up or waiting in line behind you. The only place you will wait in line is at the train ride. This cute short ride is fun for the kids (not meant for parents unless they accompany a child under 3) as they ride around looking at a snowmen and Christmas trees!

After you go through the beautiful path of glowing lights, there is a market to shop and food to eat. You will also love the live entertainment! Sit at the picnic tables and enjoy eating and watching the band.

In our freezing city of Toronto, this is an amazing place to go to stay warm while experiencing the magic of all the lights! Coat check your jackets and walk around freely as you enjoy the lights!

Questions? Leave them below and we will answer them!

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