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SHOW DOGS, Unleashed and Undercover, if dogs could talk!

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Have you ever wondered what your dog would say if they could talk? I think mine would probably tell me to change that scarf I’m always so unsure about when I get dressed. Well, at the press conference for SHOW DOGS, Unleashed and Undercover, Will Arnett and Natasha Lyonne ask similar questions. If dogs could talk what would they say? Really, we all want to know: should I take off that scarf!

Show Dogs

The Press Conference SHOW DOGS, Unleashed and Undercover

The press conference, held at the TCL Chinese Theatres on Hollywood Blvd in California offered an inclusive environment for both parents and their children alike. After a brief Q and A from a panel, they invited families to ask questions. And you know what happens when kids choose to ask questions — the unexpected! The children don’t hold back as one child asks, “Are there any famous people in the movie?” catching Arnett completely off guard. They also asked Arnett, “Why do you look different” (in the poster compared to real life)? Lyonne responded, “Maybe it was the overhead lighting,” while laughing. She also said, “This is my favorite thing I’ve ever done in my entire life.”

Show Dogs

The Cast of “SHOW DOGS”

Jokes, unexpected and unflattering questions aside, the cast of show dogs has a great chemistry together. Will Arnett plays an undercover FBI agent alongside Max, a talking Rottweiler NYPD Police dog. In order to investigate a kidnapping, Max and Frank (Will Arnett) must work together at a prestigious dog show as contestants. Natasha Lyonne, stars opposite Arnett as a seasoned trainer. Max and Frank enlist her help to get the rugged dog in shape to be presentable for this grand dog show.

Show Dogs

Photo Credit: Adrian Rogers/Distributor: Global Road Entertainment

What you can expect from “SHOW DOGS”

This witty, clever, undercover dog has plenty of canine support to mentor him in his role of contestant. The investigation shapes up in unexpected ways! Dogs congregate from all over to collaborate and support the undercover dog in this case. We know your whole family will enjoy this movie, which opens on May 18, 2018. You can expect, love, laughs, beauty, competition, drama and suspense! Yes, yes and yes and all from these loveable talking canines!

Will you be seeing “SHOW DOGS” this weekend?

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