Spring Cleaning your Electronics with Trademore

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The weather is finally turning a corner and spring is here! I love this time of year where the cherry blossom trees bloom, and everything turns green. This is also the time that I start to think about all the things I collected throughout the year and how to pair them down. So far, I have successfully cleaned out my closet and sent away several bags for donation. My next goal is to get rid of my old electronics and organize my digital life. Thankfully, Trademore is here to help make this super simple.

Don’t let your electronics gather dust

I am so bad about upgrading a device but leaving the older one sitting in a drawer to collect dust. The awesome thing about Trademore is that they will pay you cash on a gift card for your old devices that are just collecting dust. After doing a fair amount of research and comparison I found that Trademore pays out substantially more than many other similar services.


Get cash for your devices

The trade in process was so simple. I went to the Trademore website and clicked the big green button that says “Get an Offer”. From there, they made it very easy to pick my device – phone, tablet or smartwatch. Initially, I wasn’t sure which condition to list my device, however Trademore provided very clear descriptions. After making your selections of basic device information, you continue to your offer. If you are pleased with the dollar value you just continue to check out and make a simple account. It really couldn’t be easier.

Use this chance to do a little photo spring cleaning


While you are waiting on your shipping materials you will need to clear your device. This is a perfect opportunity to back up all those pictures you never took off your phone. Come on, tell me I am not alone! Spring cleaning isn’t just for physical stuff around your house, you have to clean and organize your digital life too! Once everything is backed up, reset the device to its original settings and remove any SIM or SD cards.

How Trademore works

Trademore will send out a box with a shipping label. Stick your device in the box, between the foam pieces to keep it protected during transit, fill your return address and stick the label on. All that is left is to send it back and wait for for your money. You can choose to get paid via PayPal or a virtual Mastercard® Gift Card.

I am so thrilled I found out about this amazing service. Now that I have a clean closet and have offloaded some electronics I will never use again, I can take that cash and go buy something fun for this incredible spring weather.

Have you started your spring cleaning?

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