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Friday Favorites: April Showers

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Let’s face it…April showers bring May flowers! We have been experiencing a lot of rain so our rain gear collection has grown. Instead of asking if it’s going to be sunny when the kids wake up, they are asking if it’s going to rain because they want use their rain gear!

This week, we are loving these his and her spring rain looks day in and day out! 

April Shower's Friday Favorites

Rain, Rain, please, please stay!

Jonah’s KuKuKid Black Dino Woven coat from Modern Rascals is all the rage! Even his teacher commented on how much she loved it when he wore it to school this week! I met these awesome ladies at The Baby Shows and loved everything about them and their shop! They have the coolest selection for kids! When we saw the dino coat, we knew we needed it. If you follow us on Instagram, you may remember my kids roaring at one another in their dino sweatpants. This rain coat takes the dino-look to the next level!

Use code SAVVY15 to get 15% off an order from Modern Rascals until may 15th!

Addi is obsessed with her sheer lady bug print rain coat! It’s light weight which is perfect for the weather we have been experiencing. I also love the length of this jacket. It has an extended hem which goes a long way when she sits down on a wet picnic bench after after a storm when the sun reappears!

Babes, we’ve got you covered too!

Baby Poncho

We found the cutest poncho’s for babies from Satsuma Designs. The colors and prints are the cutest and they fit children from 0-12 months. The velcro makes it super easy to slip on and off your squirmy baby. Add some Baby Flac Aigle boots to match and your baby is really to roll in the rain!

No one likes wet socks!

Aigle boots are the boots of the season! The Lolly Pop boot comes is so many fun colors for girls and boys. Jonah chose orange Lolly Pop boots to match his Star Wars umbrella and we kept the boots a bit more neutral for Addison…when they are dry. When the rain comes out and her Lolly Pop Print boots get wet, the white flowers change colors making these the most thrilling boots for my almost 3-year old! Let’s just say, there isn’t a puddle that is left un-jumped when Addison is around! The fit on the leg is narrower than other boots ensuring that their little socks and pants stay dry when jumping in even the biggest puddles!

Take cover

No rain outfit is complete without an umbrella! I love when they carry their own umbrellas, they look too cute! When they walk around with their own umbrellas, they feel so confident and independent. I love seeing the smile on their faces when they walk a few steps in front of me proud as can be with their umbrella!

What are some of your Friday Favorites this week?



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