Our Adventure with PANDORA Jewellery

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Our PANDORA Jewellery adventure began when I received a bracelet from my daughters for Mother’s Day with one heart charm flying solo in the centre. My daughters were clear, this was the beginning of a journey! They assured me that one day my bracelet would be filled with charms that they had personally selected for each birthday and to commemorate each special occasion.


After receiving such a personal and thoughtful gift, I began to return the favor by giving a bracelet to my daughters too. Each year, they looked forward to adding a unique charm to their bracelets.  As they grew older, my daughter’s began selecting the charm that best fit their style.

As we have grown as a family unit, the relationships I have with my daughters are the most important and fulfilling relationships I can possibly have. Our PANDORA jewellery charm bracelets have evolved on this journey with us, and have weathered some of the storms and the highlights of my children’s growth noting each celebration a PANDORA jewellery charm was received.

When Mia turned 16, all she wanted was a set of stackable rings from PANDORA Jewellery, and being the trendsetter she is, she wanted to give rings as gifts to all of her girlfriends too. As Hailey became a teen, she erred on the side of caution and added to her bracelet with great care and pride, selecting each charm with precision.

To date, we have a strong collection of charms that we often exchange with one another, creating new looks for our bracelets, and if I am lucky, Mia will lend me a ring or two to wear on a date with my husband.

I know that my daughters understand what their PANDORA Jewellery is built on; one memory at a time and the importance that each piece represents.

I recently added an enamel bracelet to my collection to wear daily. This piece fast became one of my favorites. The hearts inside the enamel represent myself, wearing my heart on my sleeve on a daily basis, and reminding myself to always act with empathy and to always let love in. This gorgeous piece accents any combination, from business casual, to a night out with my girlfriends.

Mother’s Day

As the date soon approaches, I will be visiting my nearest PANDORA Jewellery store with my daughters to scout out our favorite pieces. The chosen items will be especially meaningful because they are always hand selected with my girls.


This year, to celebrate Mother’s day, I am coveting the PANDORA Floating Heart Locket, surrounded by sapphire crystal glass. This floating heart locket will be a great home to a new collection of memories and special tokens to keep my loved ones close to my heart.

As well, this gift is extremely customizable, making it a unique gift for any mom. The inside of the Floating Heart Locket is a blank slate and can be personalized with the Infinite Love Petites, which can be placed in the centre of the Heart. I especially love this unique addition, because I consider my girls to truly be my gems. This stunning piece is simple, yet elegant, and will allow any mom to stay close to her loved ones, no matter the distance. As my daughters go off to college in different cities, this gift is all the more precious to me.

As my family evolves, and my children get older, the dynamics of our journey may change, but undoubtedly, this adventure is not over. Now a trusted brand in my own home, I know that PANDORA Jewellery will help me hallmark every special occasion to come, and the journey has only just begun.

This post is sponsored by PANDORA, however, all opinions are my own.

What PANDORA Jewellery are you coveting this Mother’s Day?

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