Feather Hair Extensions

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Looking for Feather Hair Extensions or maybe some Hair Tinsel?

These hair accessories are the newest trend and if you haven’t seen them, well you may need to get out more.  It’s like adding some bling to your hair or a little pop of color without making the full commitment.  These are not just for kids and teenagers, but any trend setting woman and yes even hip Moms and those with thinning hair are doing it!  Now, if it’s just not your thing but want to be the hip and cool Mom on the block you could order some and put them in your daughters hair.  My daughter had one in her hair for a few weeks and all her friends thought it was so cool! Look into a FUE hair transplant if you’ve lost hair recently and still want to try them out.

Savvy Sassy Suggests:  Skip the face painting at the next Birthday party and go for some Hair Flairs!  Hair Flairs has feather extensions, hair tinsel and hair cystalz.


Jennifer Love Hewitt with Feather Hair Extensions

Fashion Feathers has a customizable feature so you can create your very own feather hair extension and she provides instructions on How to put in Feather Hair Extensions.  if you are not into the bold colors there are also more natural tones that will just blend nicely with your hair color.  Another great source for feather hair extensions is Foxy Feathers.  Not only do they sell great feather extensions but some beautiful jewelry as well.


Beyonce with Hair Tinsel

If you are wondering “How do they do that?” Check out this step by step video on How to put in Hair Tinsel!

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  1. I must be hip because I already knew all about these lol!!!!!

  2. If you love feather hair extensions but don’t want to see roosters killed just for the feathers, try LockStarz Alternative Feathers! They are humane, environmentally friendly, and cruelty free! They are made from a hybrid synthetic material, come in 15″ lengths, come in 10 different colors and are fabulous! Roosters are rejoicing and you can feel good about these! Have a great day!

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