Fatboy Cookie Dough makes some damn good cookies!

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I like cookies.  Who doesn’t like cookies?  In fact, one of my tweets about cookies is kind of famous and landed in the Target Tweet to Runway show.  Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 8.39.36 AM

As my tweet said, I’m not a doctor, and I’m not a master baker or food blogger but I do know a damn good cookie when I taste one.

I especially like cookies that require nothing more than me just throwing the already pre-made cookie dough onto a baking sheet.  Sure, I’ll bake from time to time and my kids enjoy licking the spoon but I don’t particularly enjoy the mess.  The crazy people at Fatboy Cookie Dough sent me two boxes of their “outrageous cookie dough” to put to the savvy sassy test.

Who would turn down cookie dough?  And Fatboy Cookie Dough is all natural cookie dough.

Please send them ASAP.

They have six cookie dough choices and I chose chocolate chunk  and the white chocolate macadamia cookie dough.  They came in very pretty boxes.  I liked the packaging and branding so things were off to a good start, but you can’t judge a cookie by it’s box…

PicMonkey Collage (14)

Preparation:  Open up the box, place them on a baking sheet and pre-heat the oven.

Baking Instructions:  Place them in the oven, watch them bake and take them out.

Enjoy:  Put them on a plate and eat.


I took the cookies to my kids after school program, the kids all took one, of course they took one.  Some came back for more.  I then gave some to the adults to see what they thought….

The following are quotes from people that tried them

“Oh. My. God.  Did you make these?”

“WOW, these are good!”

“Those are some damn good cookies!”

What do I think?

These are REALLY good cookies.  Even days after baking they still tasted amazing.  I may or may not have ate six of them.  These cookies are truly OUTRAGEOUS, the box doesn’t lie.

Then I went to their website to find out that they do school fundraising. I’d sell these cookies.  I am definitely telling our PTA about these cookies for a fundraising option for next year!

Disclosure:  I was sent cookies to eat.  Nothing more was expected of me but I share this with you because they are really, really, really good cookies.  I’m not a doctor, baker of food blogger.


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