Expecting Mom Holiday Wish List & Ultimate Giveaway!

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We have a new Savvy Sassy Mom, Katie and she is expecting her first child!  So I asked her to write a little bit about how this holiday season is a little different and what are some of the baby registry must haves she is hoping to see under her Christmas tree….

This year, my Christmas list looks a little bit different than years past. This year, it isn’t all about me anymore, and instead includes a very special little someone that we’re expecting in the spring! As a first-time expecting mama, when I write out my wish list of holiday gifts, the majority of things on it have something to do with the baby! I just can’t help my excitement. Plus, baby items are just so darn cute, I can’t resist!

Being pregnant during the holiday season has always been something I’ve thought I wanted, but I never really put any consideration into the fact that most of my wants would shift totally from me to the baby. Instead of daydreaming about the latest designer handbag, I have been thinking about the cutest and most stylish diaper bag I can get my hands on. In lieu of a new wardrobe for myself, I’ve been searching for the cutest layette set and baby blankets. You can have your latest high-tech gadgets, I’m more interested in the most current baby gear on the market. Isn’t it funny how things change?

Katie, Expecting Savvy Sassy Mom

So, when Katie asked me what are some of the best products that she should be thinking about registering for, I curated the ultimate holiday wish list for her — and you!  Here are some of my favorite baby registry must haves.

baby registry must haves

Expecting Mom Holiday Wish List
by andreafellman on Polyvore

Little Giraffe Chenille Blanket

1.  Little Giraffe Chenille Blanket, $69

Probably my favorite baby product of all time. Each of my babies had these blankets and they moved up to the throw size and I even have one! This is the original chenille luxury blanket for baby. Many have tried to copy this, but there is only one true Little Giraffe baby blanket. This is the best baby shower gift.

Belly Bandit Rosie Pope

2.  Belly Bandit Rosie Pope Design, $69

For new moms looking to help shrink their waistline and get back to that pre-baby bod, this is for you. The Belly Bandit helps support the back, core muscles and helps minimize stretch marks all while helping you look slimmer. The Belly Bandit is a favorite among celebrities, including Rosie Pope, she has designed a special organic collection and a special pink Belly Bandit that benefits Breast Cancer research.

StorkSak Diaper bag

3.  StorkSak Diaper Bag, $198

Everyone wants a stylish diaper bag and StorkSak is known for their sophisticated designs that disguise all those diapers and new mom essentials. These beautiful bags look like a traditional handbag but designed with all the extra pockets and compartments to keep you organized when on the move. Olivia comes with a removable make-up bag, padded changing mat, thermo-insulated bottle holder and wipe clean linings throughout.

SwaddleDesigns gift package

4. Swaddle Designs, Duo swaddling blankets, receiving blanket & zzZipMe Sack $89

If you haven’t seen these swaddling blankets from Swaddle Designs, you will love them! Before baby comes home, you may think receiving blankets are mostly for show. But you will use them all the time, I promise! These receiving blankets are the best I have seen, and the sleep sack is a must-have for those squirmy little legs to stay covered and warm.

Motorola Baby Monitor

5. Motorola Baby Monitor, $240

You know you need a baby monitor… but have you seen how amazing this Motorola model is? Not just sound, but video. Seriously, you feel like you are right next to your little bundle while she sleeps and you can be in the other room relaxing. Peace of mind is priceless when you are a mom — trust me.

Baby Bjorn Cradle

6.  Baby Bjorn Cradle, cradle $349, canopy 99.95.

Every baby is going to need a place to sleep and the Baby Bjorn cradle is a perfect little nest to let your baby rest. I love the simple and modern design. With a slight touch of the hand the cradle rocks very gently creating a tiny but smooth bounce for baby.  This cradle is super lightweight and can go anywhere in the house!

Little Me Layette

7.  Little Me, Zip hoodie and onesie footie with hat (choice of girl, boy, neutral) $69

If you have been searching for the cutest little duds for your new little one, you have got to see what Little Me has to offer! They have the cutest layette items, hands down. This zip hoodie will be one your baby almost daily as an extra layer that’s extra cute.

Stokke Tripp Trapp Aqua Blue

8.  Stokke Tripp Trapp, $249

The ultimate high chair that grows with your child. This is a big ticket item that every new mom should register for. This high chair will be your child’s favorite chair from diapers to day care — and on into the teen years. Stokke makes an award-winning collection of modern and stylish products for style savvy parents.

Boppy Pillows

9.  Boppy, Nursing Pillow $39 & Mom Body Pillow $59

The Boppy may possibly become your BFF when you have your baby! We love both the nursing pillow and the body pillow for mom and think that these should be on every expectant mom’s wish list.


10.  Blooming Bath, $49

I’ve already declared this to be the cutest baby bath tub on the planet!  You are sure to get some adorable photos from this precious flower. It’s a soft and cozy place for your baby to sit while you bathe her. The women at the baby shower will go crazy when the expecting mom opens up this gift!

A note from the editor…

These were handpicked by me. No one paid to be on this list. This is not a gift guide you could buy your way into, it was simply earned. I created this list and promotion to give back to our readers and celebrate the holidays! If I were pregnant I would want to see every single one of these under my Christmas tree. I have been a fan of these brands for years.


Expecting Mom Holiday Giveaway!

One winner will receive this ultimate prize package from our favorite brands!

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Contest ends on Dec. 16th at 11:59 p.m. PST

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  1. I’m due December 17th and we have waited 9, long months to find out if baby is a boy or girl! It’ll be the best Christmas present ever!

  2. Actually, I just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. (I hope this doesn’t disqualify me) Were military and I was never given or gad a baby shower. We are very far away from home and making new friends is never easy. This would be such a blessing! Congrats to you Katie! Baby’s are such a blessing!

  3. I had my little girl 2 days before Thanksgiving. I would love to win this set, I have 2 other children and with Christmas right around the corner, we had to think about getting presents too. So, we stayed with what we had, passed down from my oldest daughter and just bought the “need” things. It is exciting, Katie and I wish you all the extra baby love dust in the world!

  4. I am doing this for my daughter who is due with her second baby girl. Her due date is December 23, 2013.

  5. Not expecting, but this sure would make my gift giving a whole lot easier this season!

  6. This is awesome! I’m due Jan. 30 with our first – a little boy! My Christmas list is basically just things for him! 🙂

  7. Due march 13 with my second little guy! Would absolutely LOVE to win this amazing giveaway!

  8. I am currently not expecting but have a 10 month old. My sister in-law is expecting her second in April and it’s a little girl! If I were to win, this would be a gift to her for little Norah! 🙂

  9. Awesome giveaway! Would love to win, we’re expecting our first baby on 17th May 2014! So excited!! Xx

  10. I just had a baby boy and would love this package as I do plan to get pregnant again and have a newborn.

  11. As we all know, our respective due dates are truly when our little ones decide to arrive. 🙂 We are waiting with eager anticipation for an adorable surprise!

  12. We’re due with our first little girl January 2014! Can’t wait!

  13. Second baby due in a few months… We have a girl.. Now we need boy stuff.,,! This all looks so helpful. Hope we win.

  14. we are on our third child due in april and finally getting the boy!!! =0)

  15. I’m due May 17th and still don’t know whether baby is a boy or girl!

  16. I am due May 1st with our second baby. Gender is a surprise!

  17. Just found out we are expecting #2 summer 2014. This giveaway would be AMAZING to win!!

  18. Hi Katie! I am due in July 2014 and we don’t quite yet what we are having! We have a three year old little boy who wants a brother, but this momma wishes for a little girl! I will take happy & healthy- either way! This giveaway is amazing! Happy Holidays 🙂

  19. I’m expecting twins in Jan. can’t wait for this crazy adventure to start!

  20. Awesome giveaway! I am having a baby boy, I am due April 6th! I would enjoy these items very much.

  21. I’m due with baby #2 on Feb. 1st. It’s another boy for us! 🙂

  22. Im due in June… So far, it’s a surprise but not sure we will keep it that way… That’s still TBD.

  23. Now pregnant with a surprise baby #5, I could really use any of this. 🙂

  24. I’m due in May with my husband and I’s first baby. We’re keeping it a surprise til the birth! 🙂

  25. I’m due in May with my husband and I’s first baby. We’re keeping it a surprise til the birth!

  26. I’m doing this on behalf of a very close friend who is due Mar 8 with her very first girl! We are so excited for her 🙂

  27. Due July 17th and should find out the gender late February 🙂

  28. I already had my baby, hope that does not disqualify me, but she would love these!!

  29. Have been trying for over a year and this month is it!!! Or at least I really hope this is the month. I would be able to have a baby near my birthday!!!! This would totally help me and my hubs <3 here's hoping for Sept 2014!!!!!!

  30. We are actively trying to conceive now that I have the all clear! Diagnosed with a blood disorder over the Summer that is now managed! Baby time 🙂 Any one of these items would be wonderful to begin our new family!

  31. Due January 2nd and will then find out if it is a boy or girl : )

  32. I’m due 3/30/14 with a surprise!! (I don’t have twitter-I used my husband’s twitter name to follow @katedid_what but I don’t have his sign in so I couldn’t end up following- you can subtract those points! eek!! sorry!!! I couldn’t figure out how to undo it!)

  33. i am due april 2014 and its a surprise! and i have an amazing 2 year old son!

  34. I just had a boy in September and my sister in law is due with a girl in on December 18th!

  35. Not due any time soon, but I have a friend due in May who I’d love to help out!

  36. I’d be ecstatic to win new things for my daughter Sienna. Since I was let go from my job, I can’t provide as much as I would like to for her.

  37. This is not for me but my cousin, she is currently 3 months and is due July I think they said, she just recently found out. I can’t give a specific date, I am not sure. :/

  38. I am a new mom and could really use this and would love to win

  39. Due a month after the new year and it would be one awesome Christmas to find all this fun stuff for me and my littleguy under the tree! First time mom and I am very excited!

  40. it’s a surprise that my daughter is having due in June!

  41. I am due March 22 2014 with a baby boy!!!! first baby!! cannot wait to meet him!!!!!! love this giveaway!!!

  42. I am due March 21st with our second child, our second little boy!! So excited, thanks for the chance to win these amazing items!!

  43. We’re trying! And I want it to be a surprise but the hubby wants to find out!

  44. would love to get this for a friend whos due in a few weeks with a little girl =]

  45. Talk about a good holiday, this is a great giveaway! Would love to win for my brand new little boy and me.

  46. We are currently trying to conceive, so it will be a surprise! 🙂

  47. I’m having my first baby, due December 28th and its a boy!!!

  48. I am pregnant with #3 and we get to find out what we’re having in a few weeks. So excited!

  49. Hoping to be expecting anytime now, we have a 24 month & 4 year old and would love to have 4 children.

  50. Oh my gosh what awesome brands – little giraffe is so luxurious and I am obsessed with so many others. I stokke high chair would go so well in my parents’ super modern house and the baby bjorn bassinet would go so well in our traditional style home!

  51. not expecting but planning to have my second baby

  52. My due day is june next year, and it’s a surprise!!

  53. Awesome giveaways! Many of those prizes would be perfect for my second baby due in May! Thanks for the opportunity!

  54. I had a little boy 7 months ago, but we are trying for baby number 2!! This would help out a lot 🙂 Great gifts! I have been swooning over the stokke high chair for over a year! I love it so much!!

  55. I’m due on Christmas with my 2nd little girl. 🙂

  56. My fiance and I are having a baby BOY Feb 4th 🙂 his name is Finn Edgar after his grandfather: ) its my 2nd pregnancy but my first baby, I have an angle baby in heaven. Im.so excited for thjs.

  57. Grand mothers count ? Have a beautiful little girl ~ love the blooming bath ~ every thing is awsome ~ wonderfull sight ♥

  58. My due date it January 6th, but will be induced at the end of December!! And we are being surprised with the gender!

  59. October 27! Just had our second little baby boy. It’s the best thing ever.

  60. Due April 11th with a sweet baby boy! First time mom and step-mom – can’t wait to meet our little man!

  61. We’re due with baby number 2 on February 6th! We have NO clue what we’re having and we can’t wait for the big surprise!

  62. I just had a baby girl but my little cousin is 18 having her first babyand its a boy and this would be a great gift for me to give her.

  63. My little baby girl is already here and I would love to win these items for her.

  64. I am due May 27th and we don’t know what we are having yet, but will be finding out hopefully in January!

  65. Due July 7th. Being a missionary, these would be true blessings for our little one!

  66. I’m due in May-June with twins! This would surely help out! Not far enough along to find out sexes but I may leave it for a surprise!

  67. I’m due with my first February 24th, and its a boy!!!!! I’m so very excited and counting down every single day!

  68. Thank you for all you do first and foremost!
    Secondly, I can only hope I win this. My 5 month old passed away Jan 2013. I’m now due Jan 2014 with our rainbow baby. This has been a very hard year for us emotionally and financially since my sons passing. This would truly be a blessing and the Greatest (and probably only. Lol) Christmas gift I could ever ask for!!!! <3

  69. I’m due 12/23 with a little girl! Thank you for the opportunity to win these amazing prizes!

  70. My little babe (surprise gender) is due May 9th. Would love to welcome baby with these wonderful gifts!

  71. I am due 12/24 with a little boy but he might be coming sooner! I would be so grateful to win a prize like this! Anything I could not use anymore, I would donate to a mother who is need!

  72. I’m due January 3rd with a December 27th c-section scheduled. This would be an awesome surprise to welcome my sweet little boy home with!

  73. Doing this for my sister in law who just had her first (a little boy jake) as a mommy of 2 (6yr DD and 2yr DS) i wish i had a list like that!!! wow have things have changed since my kids were little like that!!! thanks for the great giveaway!

  74. Not expecting but I do have some prego friends that I can gift this too! I still need some of these items too.. like the high chair! 🙂

  75. I’m due with my third girl in just a few weeks, Dec. 15th!! 🙂

  76. My sister is having a baby girl in March!!! 🙂 Would love to win this for her!

  77. I’m done with my babies, we have 2 boys 14 & 11 & our sweet surprise baby girl in July 2nd,2010. My other sister has the exact same 2 boys and a girl. My youngest sister, however, and her husband have been trying but my sister has severe Crohns disease and has suffered so.many miscarriages she stopped telling us. But I will be an aunt finally in April. They spend so much on her medications and this will probably be the only baby. I hope she wins,.she is.so extremely excited. They will be great parents and deserve the best. Good luck to baby girl Buist.

  78. I am due March 2nd with our first baby, and it’s a surprise!!!!

  79. Not expecting but I have a four month old and this would make an awesome baby shower present to my cousin!

  80. Baby boy is already here, but he would still use and love all of these awesome gifts!

  81. I am due June 12th after a very long 2 yr wait and many losses 14 weeks now and baby is growing strong! :)!! belly is big and I am doing well! would so love to win!

  82. We always have a surprise and since I go so late I seldom tell a due date. Right now we’re actually talking about trying for a girl (we have two boys). 🙂

  83. I won’t know for a week if I am actually pregnant, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed 🙂 Great giveaway!

  84. I’m due in August. It’s a surprise right now. But we are super excited.

  85. i will be a 1st time mom….. due jan. 24th . i am having a boy

  86. Due next fall. This little one will be my second baby. When we got pregnant with my son, my husband had just gotten laid off and so we only bought what we knew we would need. I was extremely blessed to get gifted a swing and crib at my shower. This would be an amazing win to help out with this little him or her. We are keeping this a secret for another couple of months so I am hoping none of my friends see this 🙂

  87. A best friend is due with twins, this would be a great help for her!

  88. i am entering this for my baby girl is pregnant with my first grandbaby we are so excited we dont know the sex yet but will know on janyary the 8, we cant wait to find out thanks for this amazing chance this will be a great blessing to win best of luck to everyone and congrats on your babies!!!!

  89. Not expecting at the moment, but plan to really soon. Would be amazing to win.

  90. My sister is the pregnant one – they’re leaving it as a surprise!

  91. I am pregnant with my second child, due September 2014 and looking forward to moving out of our tiny one bedroom apartment and into an actual house that will provide me with the opportunity to finally design the nursery and family home of my dreams!

  92. Expecting baby number 2 on Feb 7. This time we’re having a boy!

  93. Oh my goodness…love this giveaway! I am due May 1st with our first and it is a boy!!! I could barely wait 20 weeks to find out what we are having…I don’t know how you ladies can go 9 months! You go girl!

  94. I had our first child, a boy last December. If I won, I’d give this to a dear friend expecting her first child next year.

  95. I’m due on December 15th with #2 (my first daughter!)
    This is an amazing collection of things to give away!
    Totally a dream come true for the winner! <3

  96. My son is already one year old but I would still love to win because there are a couple of items I still wish I will get. If I win, I will donate the items I no longer need.

  97. June 2, 2014.. Not sure if we are having another boy or a girl yet. Can’t wait to find out!

  98. Me and the little girl in my tummy really would appreciate these great items under our tree this year!

  99. I’m due Feb 20 with my first little boy. We would love the opportunity to win these items as we have not had a baby shower and my hubby is going back to school!

  100. I’m due June 14th, we aren’t sure yet…. but are so excited to find out!

  101. First baby due July 4, 2014!
    Not sure yet what I am having, as long as it is healthy; I know it will be a blessing. Doing everything on my own will be a challenge, but God knows what he is doing!

  102. I AM doing this for my Son’s wife first baby coming in April.

  103. I just found out on Monday that I’m pregnant….4 weeks today! We’re so excited, and being that it was a little unexpected (but absolutely wonderful!!!), we could definitely use all the help we could get in the financial – and every other- area!! We can’t wait to see baby, hear the heartbeat, and find out what gender our first little baby will be!

  104. Its a surprise atm (find out in a week or 2) #6 unexpectedly Due the end of May and with the other 5 (6-18) bigger we are severly lacking in stuff the the little one

  105. Due February 7th with a girl! This will be baby number two, and the other was a boy so I have nothing for girly!

  106. I’m actually trying to win this gift package for my best friend. Her baby was due in January, but she delivered a little boy today.

  107. I’m due in July, 2014 and its been 8 years since my last child! Feels like the first time all over again!

  108. We’re due on January 13th with our second and its a girl.

  109. My husband and I just found out we are adopting a baby boy. Due date is first week of March. Such a great holiday present.

  110. my due date is dec 20th
    its a boy my first one ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  111. Oh how I’d love to win this for my bundle of joy!!
    Great set up of needs and wants

  112. Due July 19 2014 and i think it’s too early to find out the gender. Thank you for the chance.

  113. I’m pregnant with a little girl due Feb so these would be an amazing start for me and the new little one.

  114. I just found out I am expecting and I am due August 6. It’s still to early to find out what I am having! We would be happy with a boy or girl!

  115. Dear Santa,
    Our miracle first-born is due May 2014. After having been diagnosed w PCOS & Endo, finding out we were able to conceive was the best news EVER! My husband and I haven’t purchased any baby items. Winning this prize would be such a blessing for us this Christmas.

  116. Due the beginning of April and the gender is a surprise!!! Can’t wait to meet my baby and hopefully win this amazing giveaway 🙂

  117. I am due tomorrow (December 15th), with our baby girl. Her big brother is very excited and if I do go into labor and have her tomorrow, she will have the same birthday as her great-grandfather!

  118. I’m due in February 19th with an adorable daughter and winning these things would be amazing! 🙂

  119. We lost our baby girl in October at 26 weeks due to a cord accident. :(. We got the ok from our doctor to start trying again so, hopefully in the next couple months we will have another one on the way!!!

  120. I am due in June! I would be so excited to win your contest! You really focus on quality, and style when you pick prizes- It would be a great help to win any of them.

  121. I am 30 weeks pregnant, due Feb 24 2014 and expecting a beautiful baby girl!!! It’s our first baby and would live to win this amazing prize!!!

  122. I am 28 weeks pregnant and was just put on full bed rest for bulging membranes and preterm labor. We are hoping for baby Savannah to stay in my belly for at least a few more weeks!! I would love to win this giveaway!!

  123. Baby is due June 16 2014 and winning these things would be amazing! 🙂

  124. I’m due January 18th, scheduled for my c-section January 14!!’ One month to go!! I’m so excited I’m having a handsome baby boy

  125. This is a fantastic selection!
    My baby boy arrived in September
    We don’t have much.
    This would be amazing…
    Thank you♥

  126. I’m due Feb 1, 2014 with my first child, a baby girl. We’ve been waiting for this little miracle after 10 years of trying for a baby. We’re so excited!!!! This would be an amazing gift for us after having some very hard times in the past few months.

  127. Wow! Whoever does get this giveaway is one lucky Mama!
    How amazing to receive this, especially those of us bringing babies in on very little budgets <3
    I too am becoming a first time Mama and am due next Spring, in April!
    We have yet to find out the sex of the baby and are looking forward to finding out in just a couple of days! 🙂

  128. I am 12 weeks 4 days pregnant with twins! Due june 25 and as of right now the gender is a surprise, this is an amazing giveaway and any mom would be lucky to win. Im a first time mom so this would definitely be helpful!

  129. I am currently 31 weeks pregnant with a baby boy, however, I will be having a c- section at 36 weeks due to a subchrionic hemmorage and placenta previa. I have been on bedrest since August and am on short term disability through my employer. Income is very tight, so these would be great essentials to have for my bundle of joy:)

  130. After 2 long years of infertility we went through 2 different infertility treatments. Nothing worked. We were about to go another route and then we received a miracle. We are pregnant! We’re due June 20th. Nothing would make us happier than to receive this wonderful give a way. To all the mom’s to be out there have a happy holiday!

  131. I am due June 4th and we cannot wait to find out the gender of the baby in about 4 weeks.

  132. I just had a baby boy in September…and it was a surprise!! Best surprise I could have ever had…and so amazing when my husband was the one to announce.. It’s a boy!

  133. Love your list its very close to what I have on my wish list. We find out Jan 7 if baby is a boy or girl. So excited for our new adventure. To all the other expecting moms; I hope you pregnancy goes well and best of luck with your new bundles of joy.

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