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Let’s hear it for the boys!

I have a confession — my knees turn to jelly for a guy in a tie. Classic, business, hipster — you name it. If a tie is involved, I start to hear Dream Weaver play in the distance and suddenly, I am in a dream sequence complete with smoke machine. Now imagine seeing the cutest lil’ bambino sporting a golf cap and his best Sunday onesie with — wait for it… that’s right, a stylish tie! Too cute for words, right? Thanks to our new favorite Etsy kids shop, Chic Couture Boutique, all the future Barney Stintsons of the world can now say, “Sayonara!” to clip ties, and have a one stop shop for all their signature style threads.


The Colorado Springs clothier doesn’t stop there, because they know, every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp-dressed man. C’mon, what stylin’ and profilin’ tot’s wardrobe would be complete without matching accessories? Head-to-toe, matching suspenders, leg warmers and the most adorable knit caps and hats that would even make Prince Georgie wonder when Wills and Kate were going to get on the ball and grab him a few pairs. Pffft! Uncle Harry would’ve been all over this already.


Like father, like son

Oh, and for all the Pops out there, don’t be too jealous, because Chic Couture Boutique has you all taken care of. No need to be jealous of Junior, there are complimentary styles in your size as well. So sonny boy won’t be the only one looking like a boss.

Girls just want to have fun, too!

And these milkshakes are bringing all the wee lil’ girlies to the yard as well with Big Sis sets, ruffled leg warmers, personalized T-shirts and onesies. By placing a romantic and classic twist on contemporary pieces like plain white onesies and tops, Chic Couture Boutique is allowing for styles perfect for annual family photos, brunch with grandma, a holiday soiree or simply a walk in the park.


Chic Couture Boutique is an Etsy shop specializing in kids’ fashion and “handmade loveliness.” With styles available for both infants, toddlers, and parents, their tie bodysuits for boys and personalized pieces for the girls really stand out as spotlight pieces. Whether you are looking for your own children, or in search of the perfect shower gift, Chic Couture Boutique is definitely a top contender.

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  1. How clever, kids wearing ties, without the hassle of tying a tie! Love the headbands too and the girls.

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