Enjoy Dove Chocolate in a new way

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Dove® Chocolate has a few new friends

After all of the holiday sweets and treats, you’d think it might be a perfect time to take a break from chocolate. There’s something about a bit of chocolate that makes any meal or snack a little more decadent, and Dove® Chocolate is one of our favorite ways to indulgence a chocolate craving. This January, Dove® Fruit will be available for you to enjoy Dove Chocolate in a whole new way.

  • DOVE® Whole Blueberries Dipped In Dark Chocolate
  • DOVE® Whole Cranberries Dipped in Dark Chocolate
  • DOVE® Whole Cherries Dipped in Dark Chocolate

Dove Fruit

Why chocolate-lovers will enjoy Dove Fruit

The three fruits Dove chose to pair with the smooth and silky Dove Dark Chocolate are packed with flavor — and are the best-selling fruits on the market. The whole blueberries, whole cranberries, and whole cherries are all real fruit, and the taste of the sweet treats reflects that. Bite-sized and rich, Dove Fruit pairs a punch of fruit flavor into the beloved taste of Dove Dark Chocolate.

Fruit dipped in chocolate is a sweet-lover’s dream

We were lucky enough to get our hands on all three flavors of Dove Whole Fruit Dipped in Dark Chocolate, and the little bite-sized temptations are just as delicious as you might expect. One of our favorite parts of the berries covered in chocolate was the combination of the tart fruit with the rich dark chocolate. The amount of chocolate in each bite is enough to satisfy your sweet tooth without overwhelming the individual tastes of the berries. Dove is America’s #1 silky smooth Dark Chocolate for a reason, and the silky chocolate is perfectly balanced by the tartness of the berries. And by perfectly, we mean our hands kept going back for “just one more.”

Dove Dark Chocolate

Make Dove Fruit part of an afternoon pick-me-up

Even if your New Year’s resolution involves making healthier food choices, you can still sneak in a little bit of chocolate into your selections. Cranberries, blueberries, and cherries have the advantage of packing a bunch of antioxidants into their small, delicious packages, so they make a positive impact on any diet. A crisp, green apple is a tart, nutritious snack, and the fiber helps you feel full until dinnertime. Pairing a small apple with just a few DOVE® Whole Cranberries Dipped in Dark Chocolate turns an afternoon snack into an indulgent treat.

How would you eat Dove Fruit?

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