Easy family bike trips with the Trail-Gator

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You know when you find the perfect product to solve a problem you’re facing? Let me introduce you to the Trail-Gator, the new ways we’re experiencing easy family bike trips.

Easy Family Bike Trips with Trail-Gator

Let’s talk biking… with kids

There is the time when your kids are in a bike trailer and there’s the time when they can ride a two-wheeler on their own. And then, there is that awkward in-between time.

My 5-year-old has been practicing on his two-wheel bike for the last 4-5 months, and while he’s gotten good enough to go a few houses down the street without crashing (usually), I wouldn’t say he’s confident nor can he hang for a multi-mile trip. But, our family likes to bike. We’ll regularly ride the mile from our house to the beach or cruise downtown to grab lunch at our favorite taco place and we often take our bikes on the road with us when we travel. So what could we do with my almost-ready-to-ride rider?

Then, we met the Trail-Gator.

The Trail-Gator includes a bar that attaches to an adult bike and a connector piece that you attach to the handlebar stem of a child’s bike. When needed, the bar swings out from the adult bike and connects to the child’s bike allowing you to tow the child’s bike. When your child wants to ride alone, the bar detaches from the child’s bike and folds securely into the frame of the adult bike. There when you need it; gone when you don’t. Genius!


How to Use the Trail-Gator for Riding with Kids

We recently went on our annual trip to Yosemite National Park with a few friends. We spent a great deal of time riding around the park. By this time, my youngest was able to handle a mile or so on his own – crash-free! – but when he got tired or we hit a hill, my husband simply swung out the Trail-Gator bar, hooked him in and we were off again!


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4 Reasons to Love the Trail-Gator
  1. It works with a regular kid bike. No need to buy a separate biking device or have your child feel like they are riding on something “different” than older siblings.
  2. There when you need it; gone when you don’t! I love how it stays attached to the bike, but stores out of the way.
  3. Super fast hook-up. Kid wants to connect up? You’ll only be stopped for less than a minute while you swing out the Trail-Gator bar and attach it to the child bike.
  4. Kids can still pedal. No free ride here! Kids still practice their pedaling and help propel the bikes forward. (Coasting is possible… just don’t tell them!)

The Trail-Gator is designed for kid bikes 12″ up to 20″ and for kids weighing up to 70 lbs. For more information and purchasing locations, visit www.trail-gator.com.

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