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I love having my nails painted and always feel a little more stylish and put together with them done. What I don’t love is when my polish starts to chip and peel after about a day. It’s completely frustrating and time-consuming when I am constantly having to re-do them.

I’ve tried the gel nails that last 2-3 weeks and while it was great while they were on, getting them off was another story. I hate the soaking and the filing and the peeling and the awful damage they it did to my nails. It left them looking worse off than before I started.

Imagine how pleased I was when I discovered the ability to create custom nail wraps from Make Me Nails using their new app.

Nail Wraps from the Make Me Nails App

These are called nail wraps, but think of it like a sticker for your nails. A sticker that stays on through showering, doing dishes, gardening, bathing kids, swimming, and everything else busy moms do that ruins our nails. One of the best things about these wraps is, when applied correctly, they will stay on for 10-14 days!

I have tried nail wraps previously, but the fun thing about Make Me Nails is that using their app you can literally design your own nail wraps and personalize them in anyway you want. They have a number of patterns and designs you can choose from, or you can upload a picture and create something totally unique and customized.

I chose not to go this route, but you could very well create a set of nail wraps with a picture of you and your kids. Too much? Maybe. But, it could be done.

I ended up taking a picture of one of my favorite dresses and used that pattern to create my nail wraps. I love the pattern, but also the bright colors and thought it would be perfect for summer. Designing unique nail wraps was literally as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Make.Me.Nails.PicAfter selecting a photo you can zoom, crop, and preview just how the nail wraps will look. You can also select a size before placing your order.
How to use the Make Me Nails App

When my nail wraps arrived I was so excited to apply them and was pleasantly surprised by just how easy it was to put them on myself. I loved them so very much that I just kept staring at them and smiling. Remember how when you first got engaged and you couldn’t stop staring at your ring? Yep, that was me, but I couldn’t stop staring at my nails! I also got tons of complements everywhere I went and everyone that noticed them wanted to know how they were done.Make Me Nails Custom Nail WrapsTo learn more about Make Me Nails and their unique nail wraps you can follow them on Instagram and Twitter. Be sure to visit their website to view how-to videos on using the app and applying your unique nail wraps.

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