Pretty in Pink Lips

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Summer usually brings in the lighter color lipsticks, and this year they are coming in really beautiful shades of pink.

Let’s look at a few of the standouts. Some I’ve tried, and the others are on my list to try. Yes I do keep a list of products to try.

L’Oreal Color Rich Le Balm in Rose is a great color. Putting color aside it feels super wet, and is fantastic for people who have dry lips. I have very dry lips, and this is a perfect color and moisture in one. Here’s the rub: Every store I go into that sells it is usually down to one tube in a color I can’t wear. If you see them, get them.

Tarte Lip Surgence Natural Lip Stain in Charmed – Light Pink has changed my plans for this week. My usual lunch time ritual is to have a Lean Cuisine at the window over Hollywood Blvd. because at the same time I’m sitting with my laptop writing for an uninterrupted hour. It’s my favorite time to write.  However, after seeing this color I’ve decided I may just have to get out of my office building and get tangled up with millions of tourists to get to Sephora, to buy this lip stain.

Sephora Collection Maniac Long Wearing Lipstick in 13 – Light Rosey Pink Shimmer will also have to be purchased. It is a lipstick, which is different from the lip stain above.

I think the Bite Beauty SPF 15 Sheer Balm in Crème Nude Pink is a lovely soft pink for those of us who don’t want to wear  super saturated pink on our lips. It also has SPF which for me is the ultimate bonus.

I’m loving my Cover Girl Blast FlipStick  in Whisper. You can intensify your pink, by layering two different colors together. The combinations makes several different shades of pink depending on the intensity you’re looking for.

Are you loving any of the pink lipsticks you’ve found. Please share them with us because it’s such a hot color I’m sure there several we should know about.

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