Cool Bike Helmets for Kids

From trikes to two-wheels: Cool helmets for kids

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Your kids love riding their bikes, but wearing a helmet? Not so much. These cool helmets for kids will make putting on a helmet the part of their ride that they’re most excited about! Bike helmets have come a long way since the good old fashioned Styrofoam numbers that we had as kids. Now, they’re safer than ever, with technology that keeps their little noggins protected, and they’re cooler than ever, too. They make a few of these styles in adult sizes… don’t be afraid to order one for yourself, Mom!

6 Cool helmets for kids

Cool Bike Helmets for Kids

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Raskullz Dinosaur Helmet (Amazon, $18)
These are obviously some of the coolest of cool helmets for kids. With spikes, dinosaur faces, and even horns, if your kiddo is a dinosaur-lover, he will rush to put one of these helmets on.

Bern Nina Helmet (Bern Unlimited, $45)
A helmet that will take you from the pavement to the slopes and back again, the Bern Nina has two different liners — one that will keep them cool in summer and one that is fleeced knit to keep them warm in winter.

Segment Jr. Skater Paul Frank Helmet (Bell Helmets, $45)
For the kids who are hitting the ground on boards, instead of bikes, this skater-style bike helmet with the super-cool Paul Frank logo will keep a helmet on his head even when his buddies have ditched theirs.

Bottom row:

Raskullz Unicorn Helmet (Amazon, $19)
Another cool helmet from Raskullz, girls who pretend that their bike is anything but a bike will keep their imagination fueled with this unicorn bike helmet. It’s available in three different colors on Amazon to make sure she has the unicorn of her dreams.

Triple Eight Wipeout Dry Erase Bike Helmet (REI, $25)
We can only imagine what your kids will write on their bike helmets. Directions to Grandma’s? Their friends’ signatures? Your phone number, just to be safe?

Nutcase Watermelon Helmet (Nutcase Helmets, $60)
Making some of the most unique, coolest helmets for babies, kids and adults, Nutcase’s Watermelon Helmet will keep her melon safe and sound. But, beyond looking cool, these helmets are also extremely protective for little heads and designed to be easy to wear.

Are you strict about your kids wearing helmets?

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