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How many times have you seen an average-height person hunched over a teeny tiny umbrella stroller and imagined how uncomfortable that must be? Maybe that’s you we’re talking about too! Now imagine what it must be like to be on the taller end of the human spectrum, even average-sized strollers are far too short. Parents and caregivers hunch over the handlebars and constantly kick the rear axle while walking, interfering with their natural stride and making the outing with baby a bit less enjoyable.

Stroller companies have listened and responded to parents’ wishes for a stroller that can rise to the challenge tall people face. Whether your husband is a tall man or you’re a tall mother, I’ve got a list of good quality baby strollers that will leave you standing straight and walking with purpose.

Umbrella Strollers

These are the strollers likely to give taller people the most grief. At the end of the day, you’re going to have to spend more money to get a better quality product that is comfortable to maneuver. But the good news is that it will likely not be much heavier than the cheapest strollers because of the quality aluminum in use today. As a matter of fact, the weight limits on some of these strollers are amazing! What used to carry only 35 pounds can now carry up to 55 pounds, which is great for all those moms with preschoolers who still need a ride. Here are the top umbrella strollers for tall parents and caregivers.

Always looking to improve their products, Joovy has done just that with their umbrella model, the Groove. I personally tested this one out and my tall mama friend used it as well and the first thing she noticed was how comfortable the height of the handles were at 42 inches. While it’s loaded with cool features, it is a tad heavier than you’d expect from an umbrella model.

Two models, the G-Lite and G-Luxe are quite popular and considered one of the better brands you can buy for quality. The handles on these strollers go up to 42 inches from the ground, a comfortable height for most taller adults.

Baby Cargo
New on the baby products scene, Baby Cargo has only umbrella models in their stroller lineup. They offer the 100 Series, 200 Series and 300 Series, each adding more features and different colors. All handle heights for this brand reach 42 inches, the tallest you can find.

The above strollers only come as singles. If you are in the market for a double umbrella stroller with tall handles, then you’ll probably feel comfortable with either a Maclaren Twin Triumph or Twin Techno. The handles on all Maclaren strollers go up to 41.5 inches.


Surprisingly, many of the fixed-wheel joggers do not have adjustable height handles. But most of the front-swivel-wheel all-terrain strollers do have this feature. Popular brands like BOB only go up to 40 inches tall, which is probably sufficient for most people. But if you want a stroller that has an adjustable handle, look at these brands.

One of the few fixed wheel strollers I can find with an adjustable handle, the Jeep Overland reaches up to 43 inches! It has excellent ratings and a very reasonable price tag.

Mountain Buggy
You’re going to pay more for this brand, but Mountain Buggy all terrain strollers are worth the investment! They have three all-terrain models with adjustable height handle bars:
Swift goes to 42″
Urban Jungle goes up to 44″
Terrain goes up to an amazing 46″
These strollers are offered as doubles, too!

Offering a colorful array of all-terrain strollers, Bumbleride’s all terrain model is the Indie or Indie Twin double side-by-side. Bumbleride is another luxury brand, but you will get adjustable height handles that go up to 45 inches tall.

Convertible Strollers

These are the luxury, multi-purpose buggies that have broad appeal in a wide range of styles and prices. Convertible strollers have a reversing seat that can be taken off when baby’s a newborn so you can install the car seat or bassinet. Here are some top brands for tall parents.

The Cruz and Vista are some of the most attractive and popular convertible stroller models. While the handle height is adjustable, the tallest it goes on this brand is 41.5 inches.

Improved for 2012, the B-Ready is Britax’s convertible stroller. And it’s a dream to push, especially when the handle height has an 11-inch span between 33 and 44 inches tall. Love that!

Known for their all-terrain three-wheeled strollers, Phil&Teds recently introduced the Promenade, a 4-wheeled gorgeous convertible buggy that can transform into a double. The handle swoops outward and gives the tallest parent plenty of stride room even when the second rumble seat is in use.


Lightweight strollers are much like their umbrella counterparts: parents want convenience and compact size, just something a little more substantial. But you run into the same problems with lightweight strollers as you do with umbrella: sometimes that handle is just too short! Simply check here first before shopping.

Baby Jogger
Baby Jogger’s brand new City Versa is not only lightweight but it falls into the convertible stroller category. The handle on this new lovely product adjusts to a 42-inch height.

Peg Perego
While most of Peg Perego’s strollers have two handles like umbrella strollers, they don’t necessarily fold like an umbrella stroller and they have way too many features and a bit more heft to them to qualify as an umbrella. Check out their Pliko Four, Switch, Si and Switch Four. They each have telescoping handles for height adjustment and while it isn’t the tallest, it does rise 41 inches from the ground.


The Avio is Inglesina’s lightweight luxury model with a single handle bar. It is a beautiful stroller that is easy to maneuver and with a handle height at 41 inches, it is high enough for comfort for most taller people.

Now everyone is included for strolling in comfort AND style. Are you tall? What’s your experience been? I’d love to see your comment!

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  1. Any ideas for tall parents (6 foot and 6’10) that aren’t rockstars and can’t afford 5-800$ strollers???

  2. i would like to know the same thing..
    im a single mother and that is rent money

  3. I would love to know also. I’m 6’1 and a single mother, not much money to throw on a stroller. I have a Graco Mertrolite currently and it is AMAZING! However, I got it used and it’s falling apart. It’s not quite good enough for tall people. Both the brakes are now broken from stepping on them while walking, the handle does adjust for both short and tall people. It has a handy one hand (and foot!) fold. You just HAVE to remember to take the basket down first or you’ll loose the clip that holds it up. It reclines back pretty far as well. I just want something better seeing as this is at least five years and three kids already.

  4. Jennifer, Kayla and Megan: I found a Chicco umbrella stroller that is $55 but only goes to 39 inches. While it’s not as tall as the ones mentioned above, it’s still better than the 30.5 inches on others. And the price is way better. There was also a Jeep one but it may have been $79. Lastly I saw a Dream on Me stroller that is also 39 inches. I do not remember the price but I believe it was around $60. I saw all of these at
    Hope you find one!

  5. Nicole,

    I’m so glad I came across your site, because I had to do some research before the baby register fun. I’m 6’5″ and my wife is 5’11”, so I wasn’t worried so much about her, but definitely about me. Thanks for all the great information, and I hope you don’t mind me linking your blog to my blog!


  6. Just an FYI. My husband is 6’9 and we’d mostly written off the UB Vista given the 41.5 handle height. We found that the 2014 model has increased the height to, I think, 43.5″ and it’s actually perfect for him (helps that there isn’t a massive bar going across the bottom as well).

  7. My partner and I are both over 6 foot and specifically chose the Maxi Cosi Foray stroller system for its height. Love it! Just need to find a tall umbrella stroller, because the Maxi Cosi takes up so much space!

  8. The First Years Strollers also have some pretty tall handles for parents that are 6 ft tall. They’re more affordable on the list as well as they range just around $50 to $80. But if you really are on the budget and already have an existing stroller that doesn’t have a high handle then I suggest you just go and try to buy a handle extension for stroller.

  9. We just purchased the Eddie Bauer travel system at Target for about $200. It is super tall. I am 6″ and feel like it is still big enough for someone taller!

  10. So glad I found this page. I’m a very involved auntie who spent the day at Disneyland with my nephew yesterday. My sister loaned me her favorite umbrella stroller for the day and 1 hour in I was already experiencing back and shoulder discomfort due to how short the handles were. I’m not even that tall! I’m only 5’6″. Anyway, since we live in Southern California and may make a habit of visiting Disneyland now that my nephew is getting older I decided that I needed to invest in a lightweight stroller with much taller handles. Thanks for the article!

  11. Hello! I’m 6’2 and I like running. Everyone said that we needed a BOB, but it is not for tall people. We got a “Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller System” (under $200) from Toys-R-Us and we love it! I did need to replace the tubes inside the tires (the originals pop easily), but that was an easy & cheap fix at a bicycle shop. It is also pretty big- you’ll need an SUV size trunk. The seat also lays flat so my daughter has no problem taking naps in it too! Like I said, we are very happy with it- nearly 4 years later I’m still using it regularly.
    Next, I need a good travel/umbrella stroller for this tall mamma. Thanks for writing this article- It’s very helpful.

  12. I have read so many articles or reviews about the blogger lovers however this piece of writing is truly a pleasant piece of writing,
    keep it up.

  13. New products with increased height ranges for strollers and adjustable handle bars are already out in the market and it’s a lesser grief to tall athletic parents. Good thing issues like these are identified so manufacturers and designers can address solutions hastily to such. Thanks for an informative post! Keep posting! 🙂

  14. I am currently looking for a double strollers for my newborn. I am a new dad, totally clueless to the stroller market. What’s a good brand? Can anyone recommend?

  15. Lots of guys shop for strollers too, especially tall ones. It’s a little offensive to me that this article is written toward women only.

  16. Adam, We are sorry you were offended. We will keep this in mind for our future stroller articles and make sure to include the men!

  17. In my opinion, it’s better if we pick a stroller that has adjustable handle so that every member in our family can use it comfortably.

  18. Thanks Nicole to solve my big problem. Actually Its very hard to found perfect stroller for parents who are 6.3 feet! My baby age is just 10 days, So I am going to bookmark your site & use this information when I buy stroller for her.

  19. hi, I love the lightweight strollers, since heavy strollers are hard to control, any thanks for this article.

  20. For the commenter afraid of the price, two words: “buy used.” You can often find one that looks pretty new for half the price, or if you are willing to accept a little visible wear the price goes down even further.

    To the author: Really appreciate the research! I am 6’7+ and living in Asia, so I am going to have to hunt around – at least I know what to hunt for now!

  21. My husband’s 6’5″ and for him strollers with adjustable handles do the trick.

  22. The BOB revolution handles go to 117 CM (45 inches), at nearly 6’2 I found this super comfortable

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