Children’s Clothes and Hand me Ups!

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I love the fall because its the perfect time of year to refresh your home, your wardrobe and your life!  So let’s deal with home first shall we…

Getting ready for back to school always makes me do a little cleaning of the closets and packing up the things the kids have outgrown into neat little piles, then I place them in bags, then I start to congratulate myslef on what a great job I’ve just done.  The bags sit there for 3 weeks and as I pass them I think… Now what am I suppose to do with them?   They’re suddenly more annoying to me then they were cluttering up the closet!

If my habit sounds familiar, I have a Savvy Sassy Suggestion!

thredUp is the most convient and easiest way to exchange your gently used children’s clothes and get something back in return!   It really is as simple as they say it is – Pack a box, Pick a box and Ship a box! You don’t have to drop anything off , wait in line and the post office, or watch for any bidding.  It is a fantastic way to do a clothing exchange without ever leaving your house.    Savvy Price – each box (fully stuffed) is only $13.00

Another reason to give thredUp the thumbsUp

They just wrapped up a “green” back-to-school campaign that raised raised $3,000 for Cradles to Crayons, an organization that provides new and gently used essentials to children living in homeless or low-income situations.

FYI:  Back-to-school season continues to rank among one of the most wasteful times of the year. With over 20 billion pounds of clothing and textiles headed to U.S. landfills each year, thredUP recognizes the importance of sustainably.  Since the company’s launch, thredUP has helped parents recycle upwards of 50,000 pounds of kids clothing.

I stopped by the thredUp booth while attending BlogHer in New York City and I took the green pledge – so I am signed up and ready to list and exchange my first box!

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  1. I think this is a brilliant idea! They are especially looking for clothes for older kids, so that’s good news for me, I do wish you could actually see the clothes. Even if they are good quality, it might be a style you just don’t care for. But still it’s a great idea, both for the environment and for saving money. I might feature this site in one of my Women & Finance posts.

  2. Another option is which is a reputable kids boutique with new and second hand items. You don’t get to see/pick every item but it’s comforting to swap with an established company instead of strangers. And you are not limited to the $13 box. You can swap as much as you are willing to ship! Sizes newborn-16 always in stock.

  3. Love these ladies. We had a booth beside them at BlogHer. It really is a great business model & user experience.

  4. What a good idea, i might have to set something up on this side of the pond. It validates why I think people should buy quality items rather than quantity as at least this way you can pass on an expect to recieve quality in return.

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