Cars Land Opens at Disney’s California Adventure!

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Welcome to Radiator Springs!  

Cars Land is the brand new attraction at Disney’s California Adventure and we were some of the first to walk down Route 66 into Radiator Springs for the grand opening!  From the moment you set foot into Cars Land you are instantly transported into the movie Cars, it looks identical.  The first ride that you come to sits just on the outskirts of town and that is Tow Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree!  It’s sorta like the tea cups but with little tow trucks that go around in a circle and whip you from side to side.  This is the perfect ride for toddlers and the little ones.

As you make your way down the historic route 66 you’ll also pass the Cozy Cone Motel, with consists of five cones offering up a variety of “cone”-coctions, everything from cones filled with churro bites to ice cream cones, pop “cone” and a unique chili “cone” queso. The chili cone queso was TDF.  The cone is pretzel-like and shaped like a cone, then it is filled with chili, cheese and topped with fritos.  I have to say it is one of the best theme park foods I’ve ever had, totally hit the spot!  Do not go near the cones if you are on a diet.

We ate breakfast at the Flo’s V8 cafe, and much like a traditional diner the prices were very reasonable, only $7.99 for the all American breakfast.  Radiator Springs is truly based of of real places and landmarks along the historic route 66 and Flo’s V8 Diner was actually inspired by the MidPoint Cafe in Adrian Texas.  The menu was carefully crafted to represent the food and same small town atmosphere you’d find if you were to drive the mother road today.   You’ll find home-style rotisserie classics such as pork loin or the New York strip loin and a home-made pie-o-rama for desert!

Our next stop was Luigis Flying Tires, a ride like I’ve never seen.  The key to this ride is that you control were your tire goes, its a little hard to get the hang of first but once you do you can direct your tire to bump and slide into other tires and the gigantic beach balls are there for you to toss and hit back and forth.  This isn;t a ride you just sit back and do nothing it has you in charge of making the most out of it.  This was my sons favorite ride, but then again it was the only one he would go on;)


By far the best souvenir in Cars Land are the tire hats!


Start your engines and buckle up because the Radiator Springs Racers is about to blow you away!

Radiator Springs Racers is a theme park ride like no other.  This  indoor/outdoor adventure has a little bit of everything and the backdrop is beyond gorgeous.  This ride starts out slow but then you meet up with another car and go on one incredible race through Ornament Valley.  My kids were too afraid to go on this ride but don’t let that detour you from taking your little ones, plenty of toddlers were up to the challenge.  Mine are a bit more cautious with rides so hopefully they’ll be ready for it next time!

I went on the Radiator Springs Racers the night before after the grand opening ceremonies and this is a shot from sitting inside the car – like I said, incredible.  This is a ride not to miss!

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