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Bath time: Blooming Bath review

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Check out the Blooming Bath!

Have you ever dreamed of bathing in a soft fluffy cloud? Well, while you might not have that chance, your infant will with the Blooming Bath. I had the opportunity to try out this awesome new product with my newborn, and I can honestly say this would make an amazing baby shower gift for any expecting mom (even a second time mom like myself!). The Blooming Bath provides a soft and cozy bathing experience for Baby unlike many of the infant sling inserts or the hard plastic baby tubs. And it’s seriously adorable to boot —  a Savvy Sassy Mom’s must for best baby tub.

What makes it different

The Blooming Bath is basically a foam bath pillow that “conforms to the size of any sink.” You can place the flower-shaped plush “bath” in your sink, or, since I have a small and shallow sink, we simply placed it in an extra-large bowl, and placed that in the tub. The Blooming Bath can be used for as long as your baby will fit in it, but is especially great for those early weeks and months when Baby’s head is still floppy and the thought of bathing a slippery infant gives you more anxiety than pleasure. You can even use the petals to cover up parts of Baby so they stay warm while you’re getting them nice and clean.


And if you’ve ever dealt with trying to store those plastic infant tubs (seriously, where do they go?!), you’ll love how space-saving the Blooming Bath is. We simply rinse and wring it out, and hang it on a hook on the back of the bathroom door. Easy peasy, and completely out of the way. Can you believe this was invented by four dads?! You can find the Blooming Bath at your local children’s boutique for approximately $40.

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Esther is the mother to a silly 20-month old daughter who hates wearing clothes. Born and raised in Southern California, she attended UCLA where she received her Bachelors Degree in English and continues to live and love Los Angeles many years after. After a decade-long stint as an event planner, she is now a writer/editor for various websites and blogs about all thing lovely at her site, A Lovely State of Mind. She's hates trolling through unorganized sales racks and is obsessed with fashion, food, travel, pop culture, Instagramming, good design, and too many TV shows to count. Oh, and coffee totally counts as a food group (the main one if you have a kid.) You can find Esther on her blog, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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