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In these days of modern technology and smartphones, what mom doesn’t have thousands of pictures of their kids on their iPhones or the like? One of my – and apparently millions of others – favorite photo-taking apps on my phone is Instagram. Something about those filters, and the way it uploads into a feed that can easily be shared, really appeals to me. But, what does one exactly do with them (besides look at them over and over again?) Luckily, Instagram is one of those apps that creative and savvy people have created super easy-to-use printing services for. Wanna turn your pics into magnets? No problem! Wanna print them out as gifts? Easy! Here are just a few of my favorite:

Blurb -This is a great source if you ever want to turn your Instagram snaps into a gorgeous hardcover book. It’s super-easy: you literally login to your Instagram account from the Blurb website, and they upload your entire feed. Of course, you can always remove images and shift things around, and a few clicks later, a high-quality Instagram book is on its way! This sure beats the old gluing pics into an album method. I did this for Little Miss’s first birthday, and was highly impressed at the quality of both the book and the printing.

Origrami – I haven’t used this site yet, but I’m dying to try it. One of their options is something called Retrogram which prints your pics on what looks like a Polaroid and prints a photo map on back of where they were taken (provided that you geo-tagged it in Instagram.) The second option is to print on a Film Roll which prints your snaps on 3-feet of translucent film paper, all packaged to go in a retro-looking cardboard film canister. How cool is that?

Stickygram – Confession: I’m obsessed with Stickygrams. They’re a fun, easy way to transform your Instagram shots into adorably small magnets. The print quality is pretty good, and they make a perfect, relatively inexpensive gift for the grandparents. Who doesn’t like looking a their fridge and seeing their kids’ faces looking out at them?

Printstagram – Printstagram offers a variety of options for your Instagram shots like framed prints, mini prints, square prints, an adorably small desktop calendar, a poster, stickers, and the too-cute-for-words Tiny Book (perfect for tossing in your purse!) With so many products to choose from, it’s hard not to go nuts with the printing here.

Happy Printing!

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