Netflix Shows To Watch Right Now

The Best Netflix Shows to Watch Right Now!

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After I go on a Netflix binge, I find myself craving more. I search high and low for my next series to tide me over. Let me tell you, it’s been a long winter, and I have been glued to my TV screen in my downtime. I suggest trying these fabulous Netflix shows right now, recommended by yours truly!

Netflix Shows To Watch Right Now


Evil Genius: If you enjoyed Making a Murderer, I have another great murder mystery Netflix documentary for you. Evil Genius, an intriguing true crime story about the infamous 2003 “Pizza Collar Bomb Heist.” Again, Netflix produced a series that 10 minutes in, the binge instincts take over.


The Staircase: If you are looking for a court room drama with twists and turns, The Staircase is for you! A true crime docu-series following the murder trial of author Michael Peterson. The Staircase takes you through 10 plus years of legal drama that you won’t want to miss.


The Rain: Rain seems innocent enough, not exactly an instrument of mass destruction and apocalyptic terror. In the latest Netflix, end of the world series, The Rain carries a lethal virus, resulting in the annihilation of the human race. The story follows two siblings who survive the virus and search for safety. We heard the message loud and clear. Getting caught in the rain can be deadly!


Girlboss: Fan of The Nasty Gal Story? This show is based on Nasty Gal’s founder Sophia Amoruso. Girlboss follows a young girls dream of owning her own vintage clothing store into a rapidly growing online shop with millions in sales. Are you an entrepreneur and starting your own business? Do you feel ready to take that step? Are you asking the right questions? Do you have the knowledge? Then you’ll love GirlBoss!


Rita: Rita is the teacher that all the kids love — outspoken, independent, and strong willed. The story of Rita’s life takes place predominantly in a school in Denmark. Rita is a competent Teacher in the classroom; she tells the parents and her students just like it is, whether they like it or not. It is a known fact, that Parents are Teacher’s best allies. Rita knows this, but Rita is only human. Watch this series as Rita tries to gain control of her own life as well as she does in the classroom.


Mind Hunters: Do serial killers fascinate you? This series, set in the 70’s focuses on the introduction of serial killers to the FBI. The riveting series follows the FBI’s interaction and investigation with myriad of serial killers. You will not believe how the series takes you into the inner thoughts of these individuals and how their upbringing shapes their behavior and impulses.


Hostages: Hostages captivated me from the first episode.. This series opens with a family’s worst nightmare. The main  characters find themselves held hostage by a group of kidnappers in their own home. As a family is held hostage, parents have to make life-altering decisions to save their lives. What would you do to save your family?

Be prepared for subtitles and a fast-as-lightning plot.


Stranger Things: With the threat of the Upside Down contained, Season 2 ceases to disappoint. This Sci-Fi series is even spookier than Season 1. Give yourself time to binge watch, because I can tell you an episode at a time will not suffice. The second season picks up where season one left off, following the antics of the kids journey in the Upside Down. We can’t wait for season 3!


The Good Place: The Good Place answers the age-old question: what happens after we die? Eleanor finds herself in the Good Place! Yay! The only problem is; she doesn’t belong there. But is it really heaven — or hell in disguise? This series discusses what it really means to be truly good. This one hooks you from the first episode.

I need a new show, what are you binge watching?

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