Relative Insanity will make you laugh

A Great Family Card Game That Will Keep You Laughing

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While juggling a busy schedule, academics, family and close relationships, it is easy to forget about taking a break and kicking back with some humor. However, breaks aren’t easy to come by. In my spare time, I find myself scrolling through social media.  I search for the next Netflix sensation or play with filters on Snapchat.

Great Family Card Game That Will Keep You Laughing

With almost every activity revolving around technology, I always neglect the tangible ways to enjoy myself with the people I love. I have recently started playing a great family card game that will keep you laughing!

Quality time is key

Great Family Card Game That Will Keep You Laughing

Spending quality time with friends and family should be easy to come by without technology. With a group of friends, you can go for a walk, hang out at the pool or have meals together. But, I find that we often forget that games are the best activity to form relationships. Sometimes our eyes need a break from all the wonders of digital media. There is no better way to do that than with a fun card-game with some family or friends.

A Modern Card Game That Will Keep You Laughing

Great Card Game That Will Keep You Laughing

Relative Insanity is a modern party-game that the whole family can enjoy, while playfully poking fun at each other. It’s appropriate, easy to follow, and will guarantee some laughs.  One player picks a punchline card and the rest of the players give in cards to fill in the blanks. The player with the punchline card picks whichever card they like best, whether it be the funniest, most accurate or even most far-off! I find that this game works best with a large group, so there are even more creative cards presented.

Finding Time To Play A Great Family Card Game

Great Family Card Game That Will Keep You Laughing

Playing Relative Insanity with a bunch of my friends at the library is the best. This sounds crazy, but after a long day of studying, this game is hilarious. It’s the absolute perfect study-break game and it’s very engaging. It’s also a fun game to bring to social events in the summer time. Bring it to a family barbeque or as a house gift. Your host will love it.

Seriously, when my friends come over to relax and hang out at the pool, I know that we are guaranteed to have fun.  As long as there is a group involved, Relative Insanity is the type of game that can be enjoyed all year long.

When was the last time you interacted with other people by playing a Great Family Card Game?

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