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The Best Children’s Books With a Purpose

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As Educators and moms, we truly love reading books with a purpose. By reading books that children can relate to, they are able to make connections and learn that they are not alone in the world. The journey that children take through life goes through trials and tribulations and facing these trials alone can be daunting. We can help children make connections to stories where they can learn new skills, and help them cope with situations, allowing them to establish positive skills for future opportunities. Teachers and Parents play an important role in addressing and countering messages. Through reading to and with your children, a parent will help build a positive bond and stay in tune with your child’s social behavior.  Here are 7 of The Best Children’s Books to read to and with your children with a profound purpose.

Best Children's Books


Thank you, Mr. Panda by Steve Antony

Teaching our children to say “thank you” is an incredibly important part of being polite but being grateful is an awareness. In Thank you, Mr. Panda, the underlying message is understanding how to be gratuitous when you are given something that you are not expecting or is not what you need or want. Do you know any children that have forgotten to use their manners? This book gives us perspective and an appreciation of acts of kindness and generosity.


We’re All Wonders by R. J. Palacio

Everyone wants to feel like they belong and to be seen as someone who has something important to say and to be heard. We’re All Wonders, is the incredible story about difference and acceptance. This book is an amazing book and is a way for Teachers and Parents to open the door to a conversation about difference, empathy and inclusion.


Books With a Purpose

When Sophie Thinks She Can’t by Molly Bang

Just because you can’t do something right now, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it, it only means that you can’t do it “yet.” In this great read aloud, Sophie feels like she “can’t do anything.” Her Teacher explains that the imperative word for learning new skills and getting through challenges is using the word, “yet.” The Teacher’s voice and constant encouragement, eventually leads to Sophie’s increased resilience which allows her to eventually cultivate a growth mindset. In this story, Sophie begins to take on new challenges that she never thought possible leading to increased achievement and a positive frame of mind by using the word, “yet” in her learning.


What Happens Next by Susan Hughs

Have you ever felt invisible? Have you ever felt like an outsider? This book follows the story of a child that is bullied. What Happen’s Next, shares what friends and the other children at school sometimes do in an uncomfortable situation. What are your next steps? Should you stay invisible and avoid bullying? We need to support children at a young age and into young adulthood and help them through a vulnerable time.  We need to create communities and teach students how to work together and gain life skills. This is a must read for all children, Teachers and Parents.


Small Things by Mel Tregonning

When children are young, they worry about loud noises or strangers but as they grow, they develop different worries or fears. Small Things is a wordless, graphic picture book that shares the story of what it is like to feel alone with your worries.

Do you know anyone struggling in school or that suffers from anxiety or the worries?  Wordless books sometimes can portray a million words. This is a great book to add your collection and to encourage a conversation with others.


Draw The Line by Kathryn Otoshi

Draw The Line is wordless which allows the reader to interpret what is happening in the visual space. It is about 2 boys that are not getting along. Collaboration and team work is a vital life skill and must be taught at an early age. Give children this book and give them a voice to lead a discussion about working together. Encourage participation and Improve communication by listening to what the children have to say. This will stimulate and create a positive learning environment that is critical for success later on in life.


Books With a Purpose

Dear Girl by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

There is no time like now to feel empowered as a female. The door is wide open, giving women and their daughters the opportunity to use their voice and feel empowered. What gives a girl a real sense of inner beauty? By telling your daughters that being unique and different is beautiful! Dear Girl, is a book for your Daughter, Sister, Mother, Friend, Mentor, Mentee, Confidante.  This book is an inspiration for all women and gives the reader a sense of themselves and allows you to, “Listen to your brave side.” If you want to inspire the girls in your life to be independent, strong and women that use their voice, this is the book for you.

Some of these books were suggested by Maria Martella

What children’s book had a lasting impression on your life?

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