Are you lawn proud?

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of TruGreen. The opinions and text are all mine.

Are you lawn proud? When the snow melts, do you start looking at your bare and brown lawn and start picturing a rich, luscious green lawn? Do you dream about the kids running through your sprinklers in the front yard, or having friends over for lunch in a green backyard? When Spring hits, the days of luscious lawn days are weeks away and preparation should be underway.

The first step in grooming your lawn is to seek expert advice

When preparing your lawn in the Spring, the first step is to call in a lawn care expert to diagnose your lawn’s health. These specialists can give you advice and tips in creating the perfectly inviting green lawn to frame your home in the summer. It’s always best to get a head start. If you tend to your lawn the right way from the start of the season, you will have a longer season of beautiful green grass!

Each year, we call in the troops from TruGreen. Along with Lawn Care, they also offer Tree and shrub care. For us, this is essential. With Shrubs lining our properties and large trees right on the front lawn, it is in our best interest to ensure that we are caring for our property right. If you are looking for your lawn to reach its potential this year, get a quote from TruGreen and see what they can do for you!

Seasonal preparation is a must

In the past, we have used services where we only knew that anyone come by because there was a sign left on our lawn. We had no idea what we being done, and the next thing we knew, we were left with a bill. By utilizing TruGreen services, you will have expert advice on a regular basis. TruGreen comes to your home regularly to begin to prep your lawn for the season. They create a regular report of what has been accomplished and how to maintain your lawn throughout the season. They want your lawn to reach its’ potential just as much as you do!

Protect your lawn, and your kids

While we want to come to home to a beautiful green lawn each day, we also want to know that our lawn is safe for our kids. Did you know that by taking care of your lawn the right way, you can avoid certain pest control issues. When you think about it, the pests start outside of the home and that’s where we would like to keep them! Knowing that there is a service that will stop those little buggers from getting into places we don’t want them helps us and our kids feel protected. We know that we can trust the products that are being used on our lawns so that our kids are safe when they are in the yard.

Be lawn proud in your neighbourhood

Most of the time, neighbours are amazing! They help you when you need a cup of sugar or take your mail in when your on vacation. Together, you all make up your block or your street, one that you all want to be proud of. So let us ask you this, are you lawn proud? Does your lawn stand tall next to the ones on either side of it? We hate to say it, but being the one house on the block with the unmaintained lawn and the out of control shrubs will have the neighbours talking about you, and not in a good way! Even if your home is beautiful on the inside, your neighbours and those driving up to your house care about your curb appeal. Be lawn proud!

Be aware of the weeds

For all the things we don’t know about our lawns, we do know that weeds are no good! That hardly makes us experts! TruGreen has specialists for weed awareness. One must be aware of the different types of weeds in order to prevent and treat them. (You meant to say that there is more than just one type of weed?!) The key to avoiding weeds is to catch them early. TruGreen knows the first signs of weed invasion and can help you get that green summer grass you truly crave. Don’t spend your summer months with a weed wacker!

Enjoy the summer and be lawn proud

With TruGreen, you can be rest assured when those dog days of summer arrive, your lawn will maintain a lush, natural state. TruGreen ensures you feel lawn proud every time you drive up to your home.

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