Pregnancy style with Belabumbum active and intimates

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Pregnancy Style with Bellabumbum Maternity

Every mom-to-be or new mom knows that a large majority of those nine months of pregnancy is spent trying to be comfortable. During pregnancy and the postpartum stage, we are continuously adjusting to our ever changing bodies… and trying to look stylish while doing so. Even as far as maternity style has come since the days of our grandmothers and mothers, sometimes it is still tough trying to find stylish maternity wear that is comfortable and doesn’t make you look like you are wearing a large hefty bag as everyday attire. When I learned that Belabumbum offers a maternity line for both stylish activewear and comfortable stylish evening loungewear and lingerie, I could not have been more excited.

Belabumbum Activewear for Maternity
Glow on, fit mom

Before becoming pregnant I was a pretty active person, and I’ve tried to continue that active lifestyle as much as possible during pregnancy. In the past, I have typically just worn my favorite pre-pregnancy yoga pants or squeezed (and I do mean squeezed!) into my running tops for as long as my size will allow. Then, once it has become unanimously decided by those with strong opinions around me to not wear said tops any more, I’ve opted to raid my husband’s closet for activewear inspiration. Probably not some of my more stylish moments, but at least I am comfortable, right?

Belabumbum Activewear for Maternity

With the Belabumbum Active line, a whole new world of active maternity style was opened to me! Now, I don’t just look as stylish and put together as I did in my pre-pregnancy activewear, but I feel just as comfortable, too! I could move, stretch, and run so much easier with Belabumbum’s activewear that is designed specifically for pregnancy and nursing moms than I could with my previous choices. And, let’s be honest, sometimes I like to wear said activewear even when I am not actually planning on working out (I can’t be the only one right?), so well-coordinated style is key for when I am running those errands or visiting my children’s school.

Running While Pregnant? Activewear for Maternity is a Must Have!

I chose Belabumbum’s stylish Room to Flow Cami and Convertible Capri Pant to try first. The Room to Flow Cami is perfect active tank for the pregnant mom and a nursing mom. The adjustable tank comes layered with a built-in sports bra that allows for easy drop down and side-access for when you need to nurse. While nursing my first two children, I usually wore a nursing sports bra and a loose tank… or sat somewhere I could hide and take off my running tank completely to nurse since most often they are a tighter fit. With the Room to Flow Cami’s easy access and innovative support, now I can work out comfortably and nurse my baby without having to worry that my activewear will be bothersome.

Belabumbum Room to Flow Maternity & Nursing Tank

The Room to Flow Cami partnered well with the Convertible Capri Pant. The adjustable waistband can be worn three ways for ensured comfort throughout pregnancy and the fabric is stretchy and firm, which gives the perfect combination of support that you need in activewear while still looking stylish and flattering.

Belabumbum Maternity Sleepwear for Moms

Slumber in style

The ladies behind Belabumbum made it their mission to create a functional maternity and nursing intimates line that is down right adorable — even sexy! One of the hardest things throughout pregnancy and during the several months postpartum is feeling confident in your new body and that especially includes being on display in any sort of intimate wear. Belabumbum took that to heart and designed an intimates and loungewear with the idea that women don’t have to lose their style during this phase of their life.

Belabumbum Maternity for Moms

Belabumbum’s loungewear and intimates are not only soft and luxurious feeling and looking, they are designed for easy access postpartum to aid in nursing. The Plume Nursing Cami and Pant set I tried was so flattering to my growing figure and it is designed to continue to be stylish beyond the bump phase, too.

Belabumbum Intimates for Maternity

With the amazingly soft 100% pima cotton fabric and the hint of lace, I felt comfortable and stylish all at once. The nursing cami even features a simple hidden lift-up panel in the front, so no more fumbling with straps or awkward hooks in the middle of the night! Being able to quickly and easily feed a hangry baby (you know the ones!) is goal number one for this mommy!

Belabumbum Gives Back to Support Cancer Research

Support beyond the bump

Belabumbum’s support for women goes beyond just maternity style and confidence boosting. They have partnered with the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance in a campaign to support women from “top to bottom,” bringing awareness to the link between breast cancer and ovarian cancers. All of the profits from the purchase of this specially designed cami and girl short go towards the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance. Support for women beyond just the bump is definitely the most stylish design of all!

Shop and save

As a special offer to Savvy Sassy Moms readers, use the code SAVVY as you shop at Belabumbum to receive 20% off your purchase!

Belly, boudoir, and beyond… what maternity style will you choose first?

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