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Yup, its here, those 3 words that have Moms around the country jumping for joy, Back to School.  I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than by giving away a bunch of great stuff and giving back!

Instead of crying about how big our kids are getting, or racing to the store to buy all the school supplies our kids need (wow those are some long lists!), the team at Splash Creative Media came up with Fill the Backpack last year. Now in our second year we’re doing it bigger and better! With an overstuffed Lands’ End backpack filled with goodies from companies like Eventbrite, LeapFrog, Mabel’s Labels, HP and more with a retail value of over $750!

Here’s how it works. Starting today we’re launching giveaways on 8 blogs (that means 8 chances to win!), and all month long you can enter, chat with us about back to school topics, learn about our awesome sponsors and join us for our twitter party Tuesday, September 6th at 9pm EST for even more chances to win!

Fill the Backpack benefits Communities in Schools

This isn’t just an ordinary giveaway though, it’s also a way for Splash Creative Media to give back. 10% of our net profits are going to our nonprofit beneficiary, Communities in Schools, a wonderful organization that surrounds students with a “community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.”

A donation to Communities In Schools is an investment in the future of our country. For approximately $200 per child per year, we are able to keep 97 percent of the young people we serve in school and on track to graduation.

You can find out more about Communities in Schools, donate, or learn how you can volunteer via their website, twitter and Facebook pages.

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So how do you enter my Backpack Giveaway?

1.  Comment telling me your favorite Back to School memory as a child?

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Splash Creative Media as part of the Fill the Backpack Campaign.

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  1. My favorite memory is coming home from school on that first day and talking for hours? to my mom, filling her in on everything that happened.

  2. My favorite memory was going shopping for bookbags and picking out a cool Trapper Keeper.

  3. My favorite memory of going back to school was getting new school supplies, especially this purple-lined and pink-lined notebook paper I got one year as well as this unicorn spiral notebook!

  4. My favorite memory is my dad taking me to school with my new backpack/accessories in my new 1st day outfit in 1st grade ^*^ (& then he passed away later that year)….

  5. I loved picking out my outfit for the first day, going to school, and seeing what friends were in my class! I LOVED the first day!

  6. my favorite memory was always being so excited for the first day of school. i’d always wake up extra early to get ready to go!! tweeted it and also following both on twitter!!

  7. One of my strangest back to school memories was kindergarten. First time riding a bus, and when I got to my busstop, the bus driver had to talk to my mom, so she didn’t let me off the bus right away. when they were finished talking, she shut the door and drove off – totally forgetting I was still on the bus! It wasn’t for another hour (because I was so scared I didn’t say anything) that she realized and dropped me off at home 🙂

  8. Every year 2 weeks before school started my mom would drop me off at my grandmother’s and we would spend the day BTS shopping for clothing. It was those outfits that were always my favorite b/c my grandmother’s taste was amazing.

  9. My favorite back to school memory as a child would be getting to shop for new school clothes and then getting ready in my new dress the first day with my new book bag : )

  10. my favorite back to school memory was when my mom took me shopping for back to school supplies and clothing 🙂

  11. Fave Back to school memory – Shopping for new school clothes and a new winter coat!

    kherbrand at comcast dot net

  12. I remember playing red rover With my teacher and her reading me a book mrs Norman was great!

  13. I used to love to go and buy new cloths and show them off to your friends, and it always turned out the somebody else had the same thing…lived in a small town.

  14. My favorite memories are of my mom and I walking to school together and carrying all of our school supplies with us. I was so excited each year to begin a new!

  15. I was always obsessed with my back to school outfit. I would shop with that in mind… everything would be laid out on the chair across the room from my bed. I remember looking at it with such happiness and anticipation as I went to sleep.

  16. My favorite back to school memory was the first day of freshman year of high school. It was so fun to think that me and my friends finally made it to high school…we thought we were so old at the time! LOL! Thanks for the chance!

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  18. Going shopping for back to school supplies at a little old timey store off the square in my Southern home town!

  19. Favorite memory as a child was the milk and cookies in kindergarten! Never have i had such great milk and cookies 😀 Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  20. I don’t remember many of my back to school memories, but the ones I vividly remember most is my first day of 7th grade – going to middle school for the first time. It’s not a fave as middle school turned out to be pretty rough for me, but I do remember it most of all my back to school days.

    Carmen Q
    nemesis_33012 at yahoo dot com

  21. Like you on FB

    Carmen Q
    nemesis_33012 at yahoo dot com

  22. Band Camp – I loved getting started with marching band season again (okay – as an older child, but still one of my favorite memories)

  23. I LOVED going shopping for brand new school supplies and every year vowed that I would be neat & organized….that lasted about 2 weeks! Thanks!

  24. I loved seeing all my friends again after the summer. It was so exciting to get to play with them again after the summer break. Good old times :)!

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  27. My favorite back to school memory was anxiously awaiting the start of school so I could show off my brand new Wildcats sneakers, Defender tee shirt (the Atari game) and burnt orange bookbag. I thought I looked neato! I guess I’m just old!

  28. I remember when school is about to start back then, my mom and I are always busy shopping for school supplies, new shoes, and bag. I’m always excited on back to school stuff and that’s my favorite memory.

  29. I loved going back to school, especially in elementary. The halls were all crowded with kids reconnecting with friends. I remember the smell of the freshly cleaned wooden floors, the sound of the school bell, and the breeze blowing through the classrooms (before a/c).
    I posted at and on my Facebook page. I’m connected on Facebook and Twitter.

  30. The frst day of school my mom would wake me up singing “school days”

  31. Favorite memory:

    My dog trying to follow me onto the school bus. (She actually got up the first two steps before the bus driver realized!!) I was in 3rd grade.

  32. My favorite back to school memory is getting to pick out a new lunch box or bag for each new year.

  33. I liked getting all my new school supplies together and seeing all the other kids – the first day was always fun

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  35. I loved seeing my friends again after the summer and meeting new ones!

  36. My favorite back to school memory was seeing all my friends and finding out which one’s I had classes with. Also I loved getting text books. Why I don’t know because man were they heavy but I love the smell of books.

  37. My favorite back to school memory is the excitement on my little girl’s face when she started preschool.

  38. I remember my Mom taking my picture outside my house before my first day of Kindergarten. It’s my favorite memory of back to school!

  39. My favorite back to school memory was the year my grandma made my cousin and I matching, custom poodle skirs to wear on the first day of school. I don’t know exactly why we thought we needed them or why that would be cool – but we rocked it out!

  40. I always loved getting new clothes! I remember waiting and waiting to wear them and being so excited once I finally got to!

  41. My favorite back to school memory was going shopping each year for supplies with my mama. I loved shopping for school supplies, especially pens. I was quite the dork 🙂 nlevdan3 at yahoo dot com

  42. My favorite back to school memory as a child was going in on the first day of school and getting to meet all of my new classmates!

  43. My favorite back to school memory would be going shopping for new clothes.

  44. One of my favorite memories in taken part in the Phonics program in school. I remember the books were in stages by color. I remember how much I loved going from book to book and increasing in stages. I loved it.

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  47. My favorite back to school memory is my very first day of Kindergarten. It was such an exciting day and I felt soooo much older just because I was going to school.
    Sticemichelle at aol dot com

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  50. My favorite back to school memory was of getting to see friends that I hadn’t seen all summer

  51. My favorite thing about back to school as a kid was SHOPPING! I loved getting new school supplies. Now that I have kids of my own, it’s still my favorite.
    I also tweeted the link and followed Splash_Creative on Twitter. I am michellew_

  52. Favorite memory, both then and now, is always, always, always shopping for back-to-school supplies. Nothing like a box of fresh Crayola crayons and a blank notebook to start the inspiration going.

  53. My favorite back to school memories are all the clothes shopping.

  54. I remember buying a special outfit for the first day of school

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  56. I loved the new backpack I got every year!! It was always soooo fun to get the coolest style!!

    sarahcoulsey03 at gmail dot com

  57. My favorite back to school memory is the first day of school waiting for the bus to arrive. That first day is always so exciting.
    hendymartin1 at yahoo dot com

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  60. Favorite Childhood Back to School Memory – When I was in the 5th grade on the first day of school I met a new girl who was assigned to sit by me. We talked throughout the day and got into trouble repeatedly for it but hey it was the beginning of a life long friendship. We are still friends today about 20ish years later.

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  61. My favorite childhood memory of school is the first day of Kindergarten. My Daddy took me that day and walked me to class. I cried and cried for him not to leave me. It was the worse day of school ever. I liked it after that.

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  64. every year my sister and i took a picture outside my grandmas house on the first day of school, it was great to see how we grew each year

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  66. I lived next to a family of 8 and we lived a block from the elementary and the JH/HS so on the first day of school we would all go outside in our new clothes and have a picture made before we walked to school.

  67. Probably one of my fondest memories of going back to school was in Elementary. We had just moved from a different state and were starting the first day. My mom had 4 of us in the Elementary school that year. She visited each of our teachers and gave me a good bye kiss.

  68. my favorite back to school memory was putting on my new jeans so i could go wait for the school bus with my friends

  69. I remember each year I would be scared on the first day of school; I was a shy child (still am) and hated the first day b/c of making friends and the unknown.

    But my kids love each year and are never nervous!


  70. Singing Les Miserables on the sixth grade play ground. I was an odd child. 🙂

  71. My favorite memory was getting all dressed up in my new school clothes and walking to school with my friends with the anticipation of new discoveries fluttering in my tummy.

  72. Hi! My favorite back to school memory as a child was always my Mom picking me up from Girl’s Club! We would talk about our days on the ride home, just remember it always being nice to unwind and chat with her! 🙂 @VectoringMomma, tonikaye24 at yahoo dot com

  73. First day of kindergarten – my Mom hand sewed me a beautiful new sundress.
    I went off to school looking prim and proper, but the tomboy in me
    took over – I climbed a tree and came home with skinned knees and a torn dress.
    I’ll never forget it!

  74. My favorite memory is in Kindergarten when I realized that I could read. I remember being so excited and we were making our own dictionaries and the little boy across from me asked the teacher how to spell “leprechaun” and I helped him instead. The teacher was amazed.

  75. I loved shopping for a new lunch box and pencil box. Those were my favorite memories. I still remember almost every lunch box I had growing up. I wish I still had them.

  76. Wow…what immediately comes to mind is not childhood, but high school. The first day of school the summer of my senior year, where God gave me the confidence to walk the halls alone and not feel afraid, because I knew that he was walking with me. It was not the beginning of my faith, but it was the most lifechanging moment.

    I have lots of Childhood school memories, but I can’t remember any “first day” memories.

  77. Growing up I hated going back to school so I really don’t have any positive memories.

  78. My favorite back to school memory as a child was on the first day of second grade i was assigned to sit next to a girl named Anna. She shared her glue stick with me and to this day she is still my best friend and i talk to her everyday.

  79. My fave back to school memory is getting new school clothes.

  80. My favorite back to school memory was my first year in high school, my best friend and I ended up having all the same classes together. sweepmorey at gmail dot com

  81. I remember going to buy new school clothes and being so excited to wear a new outfit to school on the first day!!

  82. I always loved getting new school supplies and then getting to back to school and see my friends again!

  83. I remember my mom bought me these Guess booties as a part of my back to school shopping – they were blue suede and my first pair of designer shoes. She had taken me to town to shop & have lunch – making a great afternoon. I remember trying to figure out how to wear these winter-style booties on the first day of school in August! lol Her and I decided a pair of denim and a print vest were balanced enough to make it work. I’m thinking this memory is more about my mom & me shopping than back -to -school, lol!

  84. I remember wanting to go back and see the cute little boy who sat across from me in Kindergarten! lol :))) well it’s the truth! 🙂

  85. My favorite memory are the brand new school supplies. I guess I’m a nerd at heart. I couldn’t get enough of a smooth, clean, notebook, brand new pencils, a sturdy backpack filled with all my books, binders, and all the extras, like pencils, erasers, a calculator, etc. I miss it just writing about it!

  86. I loved to see my friends that I did not get to see over the summer.

  87. getting back and telling my friends all about my summer

  88. I remember thinking every year was a fresh start and loving that feeling. I already remember a lot of rainy first days in elementary school.

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