How to create a well stocked coffee station

Creating an at-home coffee station

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Around here, we pretty much have an open door policy. If you’re in the neighborhood, just come on over! Sure, you’ll catch my house in disarray and occasionally I haven’t changed out of my pajamas yet, but you’re welcome to come and witness the chaos that is McPherson Manor anytime you want. (Disclaimer: We don’t live in a manor. Our yard is literally 5-feet wide.)

Having an open door policy means you get a lot of unexpected company. While I never want that “open door” policy to become stressful, everyone should be able to enjoy some coffee when they walk in the house. Coffee is definitely a love language for us. So, we decided to create this easy at-home coffee station.

How to create a well stocked coffee station

What you’ll need:

-Coffee pot/ Keurig system
-Coffee grounds/pods
-Other kinds of hot beverages (tea, cocoa) for that friend that doesn’t like coffee
-Sweeteners (sugar, Splenda, Stevia)
-Adorable mugs
-To-go cups
-Other flavored fun (syrups, cinnamon, nutmeg)

How to create an at-home coffee station

Getting set up

Once you have all of the fun stuff, it’s time to set it up! I like to keep everything out in the open and easily accessible so that people can just help themselves. I love finding cute bowls and canisters, so my coffee station is constantly changing. My husband and I collect mugs from anywhere we travel and many of our friends bring back mugs when they visit somewhere, so they have become part of our everyday decor in our home. Not only do they make for a pretty coffee station, a collection of coffee mugs is also a great conversation starter. Of course, we always try to have travel cups on hand just in case someone only has a few minutes to visit!

How to create a well stocked coffee station

Keeping it organized

One of my issues in our coffee station was pod storage for our Keurig. I don’t care for the drawers or racks that are made to hold them because they don’t match my kitchen. What can I say? I like to match! I’ve found that just throwing them into a pretty canister works best for me. It’s cute and hides the clutter. We have one for coffee pods and one for other types of drinks, which makes it easy for our guests to find what they’re looking for.

How to create a well stocked coffee station

Using a cake stand to corral all of the fixins’ has been great. Before, everything would just be all over the place, but putting all the small items onto the cake stand makes it seem less cluttered.

How to create a well stocked coffee station

Now all that’s left is to add in some friends and you have yourself a perfect coffee station!

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