Stain resistant home products for your pets, kids and life

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It is safe to say, the one thing all of us Moms have in common is trying to keep our homes looking and feeling clean but that’s almost impossible because we all know with children running around with sticky little fingers and pets putting their dirty paws up on the couch, it can be extremely difficult to keep our homes looking clean. Nothing is worse than buying a new sofa, pillow, or blanket only to have it be ruined a week later.  Once you start having kids the endless picking up after them and wiping everything off…never seems to end.

Which is why I am happy to introduce to you – Crypton Home. They make a variety of products that are super kid and pet friendly. They have designed a fabric that will knock your filthy socks right off!  Crypton Home’s high performance fabrics are completely stain and odor resistant and guaranteed to make your life easier.  Not only do they make one of the best fabrics in the world, but they make an entire line of home products that will have no problem keeping up with the daily wear and tear of your life.

Also, if you have the sewing abilities, you can buy Crypton fabric and create anything you would like.  You can upholster any of your chairs or couches yourself!

Pet Beds

Stylish Pet Beds

For anyone that owns a dog, you know that they are just as much apart of the family as any of the human members.  These Crypton Home dog beds come several stylish prints and are perfect for any special spot in the home.  The travel mats easily roll up and can be brought to the park, beach and on vacation. So your beloved pooch can be stylish on-the-go too.

These pet beds are incredibly easy to spot clean and wash. Crypton dog beds and cat beds are designed using a permanent stain microbial protection and an integrated barrier to ensure nothing penetrates into the cushion.

Kids Comfy Spots

Kids Furniture

I have to admit, the Kiddy-Cliner caught my eye and impressed me right away.  Clearly, it was designed for the budding mini mogul.  I can totally see my daughter McKenna playing on her iPad sitting in this chair watching her favorite show Cupcake Wars and dreaming up plans to start her own business.  Super cute.

The comfy spot floor cushions for kids are perfect for finding a comfortable spot anywhere in the house.  Kneeling to do homework, to use at the coffee table or sitting playing games on the floor.  The comfy spots can also be for your pets too

Throw Blankets

Throws and Blankets

While packing a picnic for the beach or the park you always need a good blanket that can handle the dirt, grass or sand.  Throvers are Crypton’s luxury throw blankets that can take on any spill or complete mess.Computer Clutch

Gifts & Accessories

The apron and reusable shopping bags are perfect gifts for the Dog lover.  I love the modern dog face and colors.  I don’t have a dog but I’d even carry these cute bags.

They even make computer clutch bags that will definitely protect your laptop from any spills and unwanted stickiness.  This is a sleek design and modern design and makes a great gift too.

Cryton Home Logo

“In 1993, Craig and Randy Rubin hatched an ingenious plan from the basement of their Michigan home. The super duo wanted a fabric that could stand up to life’s messes and still be touchable and beautiful, a fabric that would change the way many people live their lives.”

*Shop the Crypton Online Store or you can click here to find Where to Find Crypton Home Products and fabrics.

Disclosure:  this is a sponsored post.  However, all my savvy thoughts and sassy opinions are my very own.

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