7 fun activities for Fall playdates

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The leaves are starting to fall and making a big ol’ pile of leaves to jump into is one of our favorites of the season. It’s also the perfect time to get those kids outside to play in the fresh crisp air.  As the weather starts to get chilly just zip up those coats and take the fun to the park or the backyard.  Not sure what to do once you get them outside?

Here are 7 fun activities for Fall playdates.

1. Scavenger hunt – Place a bunch of items around your yard (two of each ) then give the teams
or kids a list of those items. First team to find one of each item wins.

2. Egg and spoon race – Each child places a spoon in their mouth with a hard boiled egg on it.
They then race to the finish line. If they drop the egg, they have to start over.

3. Red Rover – Two team stands in a line facing each other, hands linked. One team calls out the
name of a child on the other team using the phrase “Red Rover, Red Rover we call (the child’s
name) over. That child runs as hard as they can, trying to break through the hands. If they break
through, they head back to their team. If they don’t, the join that team.

4. Balloon bust relay – Put a small toy in a large balloon and blow the balloon up (make sure
you have enough balloons for each child). Divide the kids into teams. One child from each team
races to the balloons, chooses one and breaks it however they can, usually sitting on it. The game
continues until each child has busted a balloon.

5. Synchronized swinging – Get the kids on the swing set and have them try to swing at the exact
same time. It’s a challenge, but it’s not competitive because they are working together.

6. Obstacle course – Set up an obstacle course using your lawn furniture and other household
objects.  Make them complete the course a few times or take turns setting up different ones.

7. Backyard art show – An alternative to the driveway art show, hang some old solid colored
sheets on the clothes line and let the kids use them as canvases.

Do you have a fun fall playdate to share with us?


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