The Best Snacks for Babies

5 Tips for surviving outings with two kids {Giveaway}

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As a mom of two little girls, getting out of the house seems to be the hardest part of life these days. There’s always one last diaper to change, a shirt that gets spilled on, or someone who can’t find her shoes.

But since we can’t hide out at home until kindergarten (or can we?), I’ve found five strategies for making outings with two kids a little easier.

5 Tips for Suriving an Outing with Two Kids

5 Tips for surviving an outing with two kids
1. Separate each kid’s essentials

Rather than packing one large diaper bag, I’ve started dividing out the girls’ necessities into two smaller backpacks. This way, my husband and I can play man-to-man defense and always have what we need. If the baby needs some quiet time, I can sneak off with all her gear without leaving our toddler high and dry.

2. Plan snack breaks

Snacks are always a surefire way to turn around a chaotic outing. They’re perfect for recouping your strength and regaining a sense of control. Plus, nobody’s happy with an empty tummy! Now that my 9-month-old is eating table foods, it’s so easy to toss a Plum Organics fruit and veggie pouch into her bag. There’s no refrigeration needed, so I always have a healthy choice on hand! Grow Well, the newest line of organic baby food from Plum Organics includes ingredients like mango, chia, kale and lentils to make sure she is getting a healthy snack when we’re on the go.

The Best Snacks for Babies

3. Manage your messes

It goes without saying that an outing with two kids is going to be messy. I always pack an empty grocery sack for trash, wet clothes, or dirty toys. My other favorite hack is a silicone bib that wipes clean and rolls up tight. It makes the perfect place to store used baby spoons. Messes managed… mostly!

4. Bring quiet distractions

Most outings involve some downtime, and since waiting is hard for kids to do, it’s important to keep those little hands busy (and out of mischief). I like to bring stickers to occupy my toddler and stacking toys for the baby. Finger foods can also be a great activity to keep your tots busy. My littlest lady is a big fan of feeding herself puffs!

Hacks for Getting Out of the House with Two Kids

5. Unpack when you get home

Admittedly, I’m not very consistent at this point, but unpacking your bags as soon as you get home is incredibly useful! I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve found a stained shirt, half-eaten snack, or yes, the occasional rogue diaper at the bottom of the girls’ backpacks the next day. Unpacking immediately means you’ll have one less hassle when getting out the door for your next outing; and I think we could ALL use that!

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What are your tips for surviving outings as a mom of two?

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This post is sponsored by Plum Organics.



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