5 Reason to give chalk paint a chance

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Chalk paint is certainly not anything new. Anyone that has spent any amount of time browsing Pinterest has seen many amazing transformations. Some of those before and after pictures might have you thinking that only professionals could have such successful results, but that isn’t the case. If you haven’t given chalk paint a try, now is the time! We’re sharing 5 reasons to give chalk paint a chance as a way to update your space.


1. Less work than regular paint

With chalk paint there is no need to prime your piece and very little prep involved. You simply make sure it is clean, and then you are ready to go. It also dries very quickly so you can get multiple coats of paint on, seal it with a wax or clear coat, and finish a project very quickly.


2. It’s easy

This paint goes on smooth and has excellent coverage. It is also very forgiving so drips or excess can easily be sanded and repainted, so even beginners can produce amazing pieces. Also, because it is water-based, it makes for very easy clean-up. Cleaning brushes and your hands after using chalk-paint is a breeze!


3. Provides a creative outlet

We know a lot of moms go through a period of feeling stuck in a rut.  The same day-in and day-outs of motherhood can make you feel a bit crazy at times. By chalk painting a piece, you have a daily reminder of a project you completed, a task you performed and a beautiful transformation that you created. Chalk paint can be used on just about every surface and we just know you have something around your house that could stand to be updated.


4. Brings new life to old pieces

By chalk painting old furniture, it suddenly becomes new again. Whether an antique family piece that has special meaning or something you picked up at a garage sale, when you chalk paint old pieces you completely transform them into something you will love to feature in your home decor. As an added bonus, it saves you from having to buy completely new furniture!

chalk-paint5. Environmentally friendly

Not only are you saving the landfills from that old furniture you otherwise would have gotten rid of, but you are also saving your health. Chalk paint contains very low VOC’s and virtually no odor, so you can paint without having to worry about breathing in fumes.

Have you used chalk paint? What have been your favorite projects to complete?

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