baby products moms love

5 Baby products moms can’t stop using

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We all search high and low for the best baby products on the market. But — confession time — my baby is running off to school and those products stay in my home. Find out which products I transitioned from “for baby” to “for mama”.

baby products moms love

Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment Advanced Therapy Skin Protectant

Until we diagnosed her milk protein allergy, one of my sweet babies dealt with some serious diaper rash. I kept it at bay with Aquaphor. It quickly soothed and protected her skin, even after so many other recommended creams didn’t work for us. With the amount of hand-washing that comes with frequent diaper changes, I’d grab that blue topped tub and smear the ointment on my hands. I soon noticed Aquaphor kept my hands moisturized far longer than my other favorite lotions — and the lack of scent meant it wasn’t irritating my baby’s skin when we cuddled. That “baby” is now nine years old, and I’m still buying Aquaphor.

baby products moms love

The Honest Company baby wipes

I thought I’d ditch the baby wipes once we said goodbye to potty training. I was wrong. I keep them stashed in the car for quick hand and face wipes when we’re rushing between extracurricular activities. My favorite use for them, however, happens when I’m in a hurry and realize I’ve gotten deodorant on one of my many black or gray shirts. A quick blot and rub with baby wipes gets rid of the telltale white marks. I like The Honest Company wipes, because I don’t notice leftover lint you get from other wipes.

Baby products moms love

A diaper clutch

I adored my diaper bag — a Petunia Picklebottom Boxy Backpack — but I never looked back when my kids grew old enough for me to carry a regular purse again. However, I’m never giving up this Petunia Picklebottom Convertible Clutch. When my kids were little, I used the diaper clutch for short walks and visits to grandma’s, where my mom kept all sorts of snacks and entertainment for her beloved grandchildren. I thought I’d retire it as they grew out of diapers, but I’m holding onto this beauty for a while. I’ve taken out the foldout changing pad, of course, but the easily cleaned exterior makes perfect sense for nights out or sporting events. I never have to worry about spills.

baby products moms love

A travel humidifier

I’ve lost track of the number of hotels where I’ve woken up with a headache and a stuffy nose. Whether an overzealous heating and cooling system or just bad luck, I hate feeling less than stellar on vacation. A travel humidifier, like this one from Crane, saves my sinuses every time. Small enough to tuck into a suitcase, even for air travel, I can see myself keeping this in rotation even when the kids aren’t traveling with us.

Baby products moms love

A Wet Brush

My always-opinionated daughter never wanted her hair cut, but she dug in her heels each time I brushed it. Unluckily for me — and luckily for her! — her hair grew in beautifully thick, which meant lots of brushing to keep it tamed. My own hairdresser recommended a Wet Brush, and I brushed her hair religiously with the detangling brush for years. It eliminated arguments and tears — maybe for both of us. She’s older now and prefers a different brush, but she does her own hair, so I don’t mind. The Wet Brush lives in our pool bag all summer, though. We all use it after swimming, and it works just as well as it did on her tender toddler head.

baby products moms love

Do you still use any of your “baby” products?

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