Friday Favorites

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Welcome to our Friday Favorites! Each week, we will share some of our favorites of the week in our Editor’s corner. Each week will be different. You will find that our favorites will range from items for our kids, ourselves and everything in between! Here are this weeks picks:

Friday Favorites

1, With the closing of Kate&james shop, we ordered a few of their prints for our basement makeover (coming soon). ‘You’re pretty much my favorite of all time in the history of ever’ is my number one favorite this week as it totally sums up how I feel about my kids!

2. So I wasn’t sure what all the rage was about when it came to the Swell bottle, but after purchasing one, I totally get it! Drinking water is not number one on the priority list, but the Swell bottle is helping! The best part is that it never spills and it keeps the cold, cold and the hot, hot! This has become a staple in my bag when I leave the house.

3. There is nothing I love more than pictures and I have been living up to my end of the bargain with my @365daysofjonahandaddi Instagram account. This week, I am excited about the email I got from Chatbooks letting me know that my series is ready to begin printing!

EXCITING NEWS! The Chatbooks collection launched yesterday which are brand-new curated cover designs for custom books. I can’t wait to use these covers for my Chatbooks and you will want to check these out too! If you haven’t tried Chatbooks, you won’t be disappointed when you do.

Use the code SAVVYSASSY for your first book in a series free or 10% off your custom order!

4. This winter weather is seriously starting to get to me. There was so much snow this week, we were couped inside praying for some warm weather. Thank goodness for great make up, like this Nars blush, that makes me looked sun kissed with rosy cheeks so that I don’t feel so pale and trapped by the winter weather!

5. Solo parenting ain’t easy which I did all week long! But coffee definitely helps…lots and lots of it! While I had an amazing week with the kids, there was no downtime since it was March break! Caramel Drizzle coffee, you got me through the week! Caramel is my go-to flavour and don’t tell anyone, but in the morning I prefer it to Starbucks!

6. Addi’s hair is getting so long and I love it! She is very particular about what we put in her hair and this week we are loving buntoppers. They are the cutest! Each buntopper comes with a unique story of a girl. We have the girl who plays soccer, the basketball player, the cook and Addi’s favorite, the math whiz. Addi thinks that the calculator is a phone, which she is obsessed with!  They are cute at the top of her ponytail, weaved into a braid or on top of her bun.

7. This week I got my hands on Happy Little Camper wipes. These all natural wipes have changed our lives! If you have been watching our Insta Stories this week, then you have seen them in action removing face paint off the kids! They are the perfect mix of wet and dry and are soft to touch. I feel comfortable using them on her face, hands and tush which are very sensitive. The flushable wipes are incredible! Toilet training is no joke and the flushable wipes are making it much easier!

Happy Friday!

Share some of your Friday Favorites with us!

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