It’s Almost Summer: Friday Favorites

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It’s been another great week as we entered June! It’s finally starting to feel like summer and we have been doing our best to get outdoor as much as possible. This week, I am sharing a handful of new items that have entered our home this week.

Friday Favorites Family Editiion

It’s been a while since I have tried a new set of wheels for my littles, but with the summer just ahead of us, I knew it was time. I am in such a different stage now than I was in last summer. With two kids under 5, last summer, we were sporting the double stroller wherever we went. Now, it’s a different ball game and the fits our new needs.

Bugaboo Bee5

Starting from the bottom up, the storage on this stroller is fantastic. I am used to a small space under the feet which limits how much we can take along with us. One of the biggest problems when it comes to a stroller with a 5-year-old is that the strollers quickly become too small. The extendable seat and height adjustable backrest personalize the stroller for both my kids! This stroller is so simple to open and close making it easy to throw in the trunk before I head out for the day. This week the sun was shining so the extendable sun canopy came in more than handy! I’ve never had a stroller with such incredible sun coverage! The more times I use the Bugaboo bee5, the more I love it!

Smart & Strong

Smart & Strong is exactly how I see my big boy! Just a few weeks away from finishing his first year of kindergarten, this is what I have tried to instil in him this year.  I remind him everyday that he is smart and with every day that goes by and the harder he works, he will only become smarter. I also teach him to be strong. To stand up to people when they aren’t treating others nicely and to persevere when things are tough. When I saw this , I knew it needed to be on his back.


There was a point when I thought summer would never come, but with the change in weather, I quickly began using Q10 Firming Body OilNot only is this body oil from Nivea nourishing, but it also tones, tightens and reduces the sign of stretch marks. Check, check, and check! This unique product is ah-mazing!

Tsum TsumSometimes something very small can make us very happy!  This week, we started our collection of . A new collection of Marvel Tsum Tsum’s launched, which is right up my sons alley. Anything superhero gets his stamp of approval. These are just the cutest toys and they have been travelling around with us all week long!

Sunshine Hat

Addison is my , so this hat couldn’t be more fitting. This hat is just too cute for my daughter…and I think I need one too!

Share what you can’t live without this week!

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