3 Ways to wear a maxi skirt

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Aahhhh the maxi dress. The way moms can still kinda-sorta wear yoga pants but all the while look like they’re dressed up. They are, after all, crotchless yoga pants you know. Some very brilliant woman was like, “I want to be comfortable like I’m wearing yoga pants but not actually be wearing yoga pants.” And the maxi skirt was born.

They really are perfect and can be worn a ton of ways. Today I am going to show you how to wear a maxi skirt three different ways.

how to wear a maxi skirt

Casual everyday Look

maxi dress casual

Let’s start with the obvious maxi look — the everyday black maxi that goes with just about anything, old Beatles tank top and some casual kicks that you can’t see. A pair of Converse here would work just fine. You’re comfy, cute and still wearing a skirt. You could even throw on a ball cap and head to your kid’s game, it’s that versatile!

Dressed Up

maxi dress drssed up

I just realized you can see my son in the reflection taking this picture. So funny! I wonder what he’s gonna think in a couple years about taking pictures of his mom’s outfits…. Anyway! This is a little more dressed up. The material of the skirt is still very comfortable but I paired it with a nicer top that scoops low in the back and a pair of strappy sandals. I love the thin yellow belt to tie it all together. And just like that you’re ready for a summer wedding.

As a Dress

maxi skirt as a dress


This has to be one of my favorites. I actually wore this to church today. This maxi skirt is a little on the shorter side for me (I’m 6 ft tall), so instead of giving it the boot, I just pulled it all the way up, slapped a belt on and BAM I have a super cute dress! It is even somewhat of a high-low dress because of the way you pull it up. This can easily be paired with a cute jean jacket or light sweater. I like my booties with it because they match the belt, but you could also pair it with sandals as well.

So there you have it! Three ways to wear a maxi skirt. Like I mentioned, there are a ton of other options for sure, this is just to get you started.

What are your favorite ways to wear a maxi skirt?




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  1. I love using a maxi skirt as a dress – I have never done that, but am going to give it a try for sure! Thanks 🙂

  2. Love all the looks! The rock n roll every day look is so cool, and the skirt as a dress is genius!

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