10 Holiday fashionable finds at JCPenney {$100 Giveaway}

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The holidays season isn’t just about toys and tech, it’s also a great time of year to score some stylish pieces to add to your wardrobe collection… and with so many holiday parties to attend, you’ll certainly need a few new items to jazz things up. We found these ten festive and fashionable items over at JCPenney that are sure to help keep you in the holiday spirit while trying to find the perfect gift for your brother and mother-in-law.  We chose many of these items because they are classic and you’ll be able to wear them for years. Three trends I love are the motorcycle chic, animal prints and gold accessories. These trends are simple and you only need a touch of them to pull it off, less is more.

Holiday shopping is tough and you deserve a little something for all the long hours standing in line and late nights wrapping all those gifts!  So this holiday season treat yourself to some fabulous fashion!    


$100 JCPenney Gift Card Giveaway!

To celebrate YOU this Holiday season we are giving away $100 gift card to JCPenney as part of a Holiday giveaway series hosted by 26 fabulous bloggers!  So enter our giveaway below and then hop around to enter all the other giveaways.  Tis the Season…

My JCPenney HOLIDAY FASHION Giveaway – Enter through the Rafflecopter form below.

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  1. I would definitely use this gift card on myself to get awesome, super fabulous boots!

  2. Christmas presents! Probably clothes for my son and father. They have nice dress shirts.

  3. I would pass it on to my sister so they can have some kind of Christmas, her son, who has Autism needs a Christmas, as her husband lost his job due to downsizing… We are trying to help them out as much as possible, but in these hard times, it’s difficult… Please keep them in your prayers this holiday season… God Bless !!!!!!!!Savvysassymom

  4. I would probably spend this gift card on my son in law and buy him some more Stafford dress shirts and dress pants for Christmas.

  5. I would take 2 girls shopping to share the prize! 🙂

  6. I would buy myself something for Christmas this year if I won!

  7. I am already done Christmas shopping so I would treat myself to nice clothes for my new job I start this month. I don’t have much professional clothes that fit after my 50lb weight loss and being a SAHM.

  8. I recently entered the working world, so I’d get a dew staple pieces – blazers, LBDs, work pants, pencil skirts and some dressy tops!

  9. I could get things for everyone on my list and the Angel Tree.

  10. Perfect for my son & his wife who are expecting twins !! 🙂

  11. I would spend this on my boys and husband for Christmas.

  12. I find so much I like at Penney’s these days–love their new style!

  13. I have 33 ppl I buy for… so will come in very helpful… thanks for the chance

  14. My mom needs some pampering so I would take her shopping. Bonus: great mom and daughter time.

  15. I would spend it on myself. I really need a new pair of boots and some clothes! 🙂

  16. I’d spend this on my sweetie, he hates to buy clothes until everything falls apart, a gift card for some clothes would be awesome!

  17. we are having a lil boy next year so on him and the hubby who needs new clothes

  18. I would buy my son some clothes and probably my mom. She never gets anything for herself.

  19. The only ones I have left to buy for are my parents! So I would have to get them something!

  20. I would spend it on my husband to get him some sports apparel!

  21. $100? I would hang on to it until March, when we find out if we are having a boy or a girl!

  22. To be honest i would spend it on me. Its been years since my wardrobe (small as it is) has had anything new added. Thank you!

  23. I would buy clothes for my husband who needs new stuff for his job!

  24. I would spend on my kids as its a tight one this year

  25. Myself. I just had a baby and would love to get some cute new clothes.

  26. would it be bad if i spent it on myself? 🙂 i love those items you guys love and my bday is the 16th 🙂

  27. I would spend it on me.

    Thank you for the nice giveaway!

  28. I would spend it on my 2 year old daughter and my husband!!

  29. My toddler and baby. JcPenny is a great place to buy kids clothes.

  30. I have 4 girls so would find something nice for all of them…maybe a bag or sweater and scarf set they can all sort of matchy matchy in different colors. Would make a great photo. With such deals and coupons now, I know I could find them all something nice!

  31. Thanks for the chance at this wonderful giveaway.

    marg0006 at Verizon dot net

  32. I would buy Christmas presents…and maybe something for myself!

  33. I would spend this on my daughter. I love buying her clothes and it would be great to hit the sales after the holidays.

  34. I would spend some of it on myself and I would pick up a few gifts too

  35. I would spend it on myself and my husband for clothes for the holiday.

    Diana C

  36. I would use it on myself! I really need new clothes and mama is always the last one to get them.

  37. I would splurge on something for me- maybe clothes or bag! I spend all I got right now on my kids!!

  38. I’d probably spend it on me and my husband (my girls are already getting lots!).

  39. I would spend it on my husband and I for some new dressy coats.

  40. Love to win and go shopping for others, maybe a “me” gift too!

  41. I’d spend most of it on myself since I really need some new clothes. I’d also spend some on my daughter to get her some stuff. 🙂

  42. I would buy either shoes or a dress, always love the dresses and it’s so awesome when they have stuff in my size 🙂

  43. I would spend it on my mister. Thank you all so much for offering such a generous giveaway. *fingers crossed*

  44. I’d spend it on my husband and son…haven’t quite finished their xmas shopping yet! Maybe a shirt or two for mom too!! 😉

  45. I could so by my little boy his first bike!! Thanks for the sweet giveaway ya’ll!

  46. would def share it with my hubby and buy ourselves and family awesome presents!!!!

  47. My son has a wonderful group of special teachers at school…would get them something special.

  48. I’d probably use it for clothes for my husband and myself. We’ve lost some weight so we need clothes that fit! 🙂

  49. My husband. I feel like I haven’t gotten him anything yet.

  50. i would buy some things we need for the house like new sheets

  51. I would spend this on a few little gifts for my family

  52. If I’m lucky enough to win, I plan on using it for myself but if I see something for family/friends that would make a great gift, I might just have to get it.

  53. I am a single mom of three boys… God knows I could use all the help with Christmas I can get!

  54. I would buy extra presents for my sister who broke her neck in a car accident! She’s my Christmas miracle 🙂

  55. I would buy my little girls clothes for Christmas!

    ninigossett at gmal dot com

  56. I would spend this gift card on my husband, he’s in need of a major overhaul on the wardrobe


  57. I would actually buy a sweater vest or two for my husband for work – he never spends money on himself at ALL! 🙁

  58. This $100 would go towards home decor! My apartment is so drab

  59. I would buy my husband some clothes thanks for the giveaway

  60. It seems that it is always around the holidays that I decide I have nothing to wear.

  61. I have lost about 20 lbs recently and would get myself some new clothes so I don’t refill my old clothes.

  62. Most likely my son and baby girl that will be born in April.

  63. I’d spend it on me! I get my hair cut and colored at the JCP Salon!

  64. I’d spend it on myself. I usually only buy things for the kids. It’s my turn!

  65. I would use it on my little miss, hubby, me, and my lo I’m expecting.

  66. I would spend the money on myself, getting maternity clothes that fit me. Then I would also buy my husband a nice suit

  67. i would love to spend this on my hard working husband and put some towards our new baby coming this year!

  68. My husband… he has been begging to get some new clothes… this would so make his day!

  69. Most of the money would be spent on my youngest–a 15yo boy who spends more on fashion than any of his three older sisters did! LOL – if there’s any leftover, I’ll buy something for my grandsons.

  70. it would be a household gift. i love linens and our towels are not up to snuff. it sounds utilitarian, but i found the most fluffy luxurious towels at jcp and have been dying to bring them home!

  71. I would buy some clothes for my son
    Thank You for the chance to enter

  72. I would buy something for my mom I haven’t had a chance to really give her something nice she is the best mom on earth for me I love her with all my heart

  73. For the best mom on earth my mommy I would love to give her something special she deserves the best I haven’t had a chance to buy her something nice so definitely I would use it on her

  74. I’d spend it on my home – new towels for the whole house!

  75. I would use it to get me a coat and if any left, pj’s for great grandsons

  76. I would buy my 6 year old some new clothes since he has outgrown a LOT of his clothes since school started.

  77. I finished my Christmas shopping early. So I would splurge on myself and get a new outfit for me!

  78. I would help out a coworker who recently lost everything in a fire and pay it forward

  79. I would spend it on myself. My clothes have holes in them so I really need some new ones!

  80. With $100, I could get something for everyone 🙂 A shirt each for hubby & Austin, PJs for Bubbles, yoga pants for Ashley, and a pair of earrings for myself 🙂

  81. We have a baby girl coming in 8 weeks, so it would be nice to be able to do some much needed shopping to get ready for her. And I might have to buy something special for myself, since I RARELY do that. 🙂

  82. I honestly would spend it mostly on myself, just finished my first semester of grad school and I am really proud so I would love to reward myself for the hard work and dedication 🙂

  83. I would buy my son a nice coat and PJs

    Entered the rafflecopter as “Wild orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  84. I would probably pick up some casual clothes for me and maybe a few things for the house. My kids are covered, trust me!

  85. I would spend it on my one year old son and my niece and nephew!

  86. Gifts for my mother who helps me with my kids. <3 She deserves to receive for giving everything to everyone else!

  87. I would use it for my son. He recently came to live with me from his father’s house and has very few clothes.

  88. I am done Christmas shopping, so I would spend it on myself! My husband’s office party is every year at the end of January, so I’d go get something to cute to wear to the party!

  89. I would probably use this to buy my hubby another warm coat since he works outside and goes through clothes like crazy!

  90. Right now I’m thinking we are good for holidays clothing and winter. Call me a warm weather type, but I’m looking forward to spring and buying Easter outfits.

  91. I would give the gift card to my sister-in-law.

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    Michigan Address Ready

  92. I would spend it on CLOTHES! I need some new ones since I’ve gained so much this holiday season… Ho ho ho

  93. Clothes for me because I recently started substitute teaching again!

  94. I could do some serious damage with $100 at JCP with their coupons too! I am in desperate need of some clothes so i would buy for myself as well as my daughter

  95. I would spend this on my two little girls. They need winter coats. So this would help out greatly.

  96. My Christmas shopping is finished, so if I win this, I will get some nice new clothes for myself :0)

  97. ooooo JC Penny has some of the trendiest things these days! I would probably spend most of it on baby girl clothes because having a daughter is just too much fun!!!

  98. I will be student teaching come January and I could really use more professional clothing to wear to teach each day.

  99. I would buy my daughter some new clothes. She has grown about 2 inches!

  100. I would love to be able to buy some much needed new clothes!

  101. I would spend it on my baby due within the week. 🙂 Love baby clothes!

  102. I would spend it on my husband and baby girl because they deserve an amazing Christmas! It’s our daughter’s 1st Christmas so we want it to be really special!!

  103. Myself! I have only been buying stuff for the rest of my family – and I desperately need some new clothes!

  104. We just lost everything in a bathroom flood, so I would spend it on new towels, showercutrain, bathmat, etc.!!!

  105. I would spend it on myself, I deserve it after finally finishing my degree this year!

  106. I believe I’m the Natalie J that the RC form indicates is the winner. I’m thrilled–thank you very much! I’m a little concerned, tho–because, I don’t think I ever received a win notification from you. Hoping this is the type of giveaway that requested all my info initially and that I wasn’t required to claim this win. I’ve emailed you to inquire and will just trust that everything works out the way it should.
    Hope you have a joyous holiday season.

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