10 Ways to Elevate your Party Look

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Do you have any fun holiday plans? Whether you’re having dinner with your family or decorating sugar cookies with friends, a glam holiday look will put you in the holiday spirit–and you’ll be looking extremely cute! Who said holiday outfits were only for family photos? No matter the occasion, we want to help you create a look that makes you feel confident and festive.

This style guide will not only show you the best holiday outfits, but you’ll also learn how to elevate some of your favorite staple looks for the holiday season.

Dress It Up

For this style tip, we are calling all fashionistas who turn to dresses for any occasion, as well as those looking for a more formal holiday outfit. No matter the occasion, you can’t go wrong with a chic dress. Here are some of our favorite styles to help you bring in the holiday season.

A-Line Velvet Dress: This chic style is not only a holiday staple, but you may already have it in your closet! A-line dresses are fun and playful, but they can also work for more formal occasions. To make your A-line dress more festive, opt for sequin or velvet materials in jewel tones like deep green or ruby. If you’re located in a region that may be on the colder side, make sure your A-line dress comes up to your neck and has sleeves!

Pleated Midi Dress:If you’re looking for an elegant and chic vibe, you may want to start looking for a tank top midi pleated dress. You may be thinking, “A tank top…in winter?” Yes! While it may not seem like the most practical dress for colder temperatures, these dresses are easy to layer with chunky knits and glamorous coats. You could always top off your look with a dazzling coat and take it off once you get to the party or dinner or you can slip an off the shoulder sweater over your dress. Pleats are very classic and they naturally look festive. If you want to boost your holiday spirit a little bit more, find muted gold tones or wine-colored holiday dresses. And keep reading because we’ll share some styling tips for this particular dress later.

Sweater Dress:Do you want a comfortable look that’s weather appropriate and holiday chic? If so, a sweater dress may be in your future. These thick and cozy dresses are not only curve-hugging, but they’ll keep you warm no matter what your plans are. You could opt for a solid color or you could choose a festive pattern or hue to spice your look up. Another thing we love about these kinds of dresses is that they come in many different styles, so whether you’re a mini, midi, maxi or bodycon kind of girl, you’re guaranteed to find a sweater dress that fits your style profile.

The Sequin Dress Do your friends call you the most festive one out of the bunch? If so, you probably have the holiday outfit game on lock, but if you’re looking to take your holiday look to an entirely new level this year, you may want to opt for a sequin dress. There are so many different kinds of sequin dresses. The possibilities are endless. From muted gold sequins to chic black sequins, you can go as bold or understated as you’d like. If you love the idea of sequins, but you’re worried about overdoing it, keep reading for some styling tricks that will make this trend more versatile.

Dress It Down

If you’re more of a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl and you’d rather not take the dress route for your holiday looks, we hear you. Especially during this year! We have some stunning outfits that will meet your desires!

Elevated Denim: If you like to wear jeans for every occasion, then why not wear them this holiday season. To achieve a sleek and polished look, try sticking with denim styles that are darker and more minimalist—that means staying away from distressed denim and denim with a lot of embellishments.

Leggings: The holidays are all about being comfortable and cozy so if you’d rather wear leggings all day every day, we support that! Pair your leggings with an oversized sweater and some cute knee high boots for a stylish and cozy look.

Chic Sweaters: You can really elevate a pair of jeans with a classic turtleneck or fitted sweater. If you want a sharp holiday look, opt for an all-black sweater. If you’re someone who likes to add more color into their wardrobe, you can easily work in holiday colors like green, red or beige. By keeping your color palette simple, you’ll enable yourself to accessorize more.

How to Style Dresses for the Holidays

If you’re wearing a chic dress this holiday season, top it off with an elegant statement coat. Even if you don’t plan on wearing the coat for the whole occasion or take it off once you get there, everyone will remember you showing up in style. Coats are also extremely practical if you live in an area that is usually under a blizzard warning by the time Christmas arrives. Faux fur coats or jackets with a bold pattern like buffalo plaid look so good during the holiday season. If you have a tank top midi or maxi dress, you could also throw a cropped sweater over it for a unique look.

How to Style Jeans for the Holidays

If you’re dead set on wearing jeans to whatever formal holiday occasion you might be attending, you can easily dress up these casual bottoms with a pair of strappy heels, statement flats or knee-high boots. The shoes you decide to wear can transform your look. When looking for a pair of heels or flats, you can either go with a simple pair of shoes with gold accents or sequin embellishments. If you love knee-high boots, they are going to transform your look completely. You can either style a pair of solid black or beige boots or you can top off your look with a pair of velvet or jewel-tone colored boots. If you don’t find yourself wearing knee-high boots that much, ankle booties look just as cute!

How to Style Sweaters for the Holidays

We all have that one cozy sweater that we love wearing throughout winter, but you may want to dress it up for a special occasion with cute jewelry. You can easily add a statement necklace that highlights your neckline and also gives your sweater a new look. Or you can pair your sweater with a statement mini skirt that has sequin embellishments or beaded details, along with a pair of knee-high boots. This look will not only be comfortable, but it might just land you on the blessed dressed list at any holiday party. If you’re styling your favorite sweater with a mini skirt, you can either tie the front of the sweater into a knot or you could tuck the sweater in either completely or French tuck style.

No matter what you have planned this holiday season, we hope you feel confident putting a look together that turns heads and puts you in the holiday spirit!

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