10 Halloween Treats for the Classroom

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Halloween treats for the classroom
I think Pinterest has got the retail stores beat in the cute department when it comes to getting out the holiday decor. As soon as the kids were out the door and off to school the Halloween Pinterest inspiration went crazy!  We love Pinterest and we love searching for holiday inspiration, there are so many fun things to look at and pin but here at Savvy Sassy Moms, we also like to keep it real.

We’re very busy moms and let’s face it, some of those halloween treats we would never even attempt to make, so we rounded up some Halloween classroom treats that we think are actually doable. This year we challenge you to do a little pre-planning and not wait until the last minute or the night before to decide what you want to bring to the classroom Halloween party. {Don’t worry, we’re guilty of doing that too}

Now, call the kids over and pick out which treat they want to help make and give one of these a try! Oh, and we want to hear back from you on which one you tried and how easy it was or if it was a total disaster.

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1.  Halloween Candy Bark
2.  Halloween Candy Corn Fruit Parfait
3.  White Chocolate Strawberry Ghosts
4.  Peanut Butter Ghost Cookies
5.  Halloween Puppy Chow
6.  Halloween Rice Krispy Pops
7.  Monster Pudding Cups
8.  Scarecrow Treats
9.  Witch Hat Cookie
10.  Chocolate Ghost Cupcakes

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  2. Please start sending me children holiday eatable crafts. ….I’m a preschool teacher

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