The Woodward Barn at Copper Mountain

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It’s not everyday you get to jump around on trampolines and fly into foam pits with a board strapped to your feet! Last week I shared our family ski vacation at Copper Mountain with some helpful family travel tips, but this week I am sharing one of our favorite activities at Copper Mountain and this one actually took place off the mountain!

Our family visited the Woodward Barn, Copper Mountain which is an indoor training facility for skiers and snowboarders to practice and perfect their high flying jumps, twists, turns and tricks. So we took to the mats, trampolines and skate track at Woodward to see if we could be like the pros and turn a few tricks ourselves.

Woodward Copper Mountain Family Travel Colorado

Woodward Copper Barn

Our class started out with some stretching and basic tumbling to get our bodies warmed up. Parents can sit out and watch the class, but we wanted in on the action too! However, my husband and I could definitely feel our age a little when we did our backward summersaults. I think we both wanted to participate not only to bond as a family and show our kids we’re still cool, but to prove to ourselves we could complete the class,  and still come out in one piece.

After the warm up exercises we hit the trampolines and did some jumping into the large foam pits. As we made our way around the facility our instructor also gave us some important safety instructions. The Woodward Barn is open to anyone and offers drop in times for anyone to come and practice their skills, but they also offer a variety of weekly classes, private lessons, group classes, camps and host groups and parties.

Woodward Foam Pit Copper Mountain Colorado

Woodard Barn Intro Session

When taking an into session you should wear comfortable athletic type clothing.  We were also instructed to bring our snowboard boots. 

The last half hour of our class was spent with our snowboard boots strapped onto a board with wheels, much like a skateboard. Our kids were a little hesitant when we started on the skate ramps, because you start up on a platform and then roll down a ramp, so they weren’t too sure about the situation. The instructor assisted our kids and guided them down the platform before releasing them and letting the momentum take them. Once they got the first one out of the way they loosened up a bit. For the most part it is very easy and they go pretty slow.

After a few times at that we could move on to the skate ramps that launch you into a large foam pit! Sadly my kids were not having any of that. But my husband and I had to try it. I did not get to high off the ramp before falling into the pit, but it was so much fun cruising down the ramp and feeling just a tiny bit like a dare devil.

Woodward Shed Copper Mountain McKenna

Copper Mountain Woodward Indoor Training Family Travel

Woodwaed Copper Mountain Colorado Hudson
Woodward Copper Mountain Family Travel
The introduction class at Woodward Barn was a great family activity that gave us a break from the mountain and let us all try something different and fun. It was hard pulling my kids out of the foam pit and getting them to leave!

I appreciate ski resorts and mountains that have unique activities to offer kids and families. This was a great addition to our trip and an experience we’ll never forget. I would highly recommend visiting the Woodward Barn, the kids will love it and you’ll show your kids just what mom and dad are made of.

Have you been to Woodward or Copper Mountain? Would you want to try this?

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