What milk does a body good?

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In looking at the health food market we can identify many fad diets and products that seem to melt away from the store shelves just as quickly as they arrived.  As a health-conscious person I find myself intrigued at the different cow’s milk substitutes on the market shelves. Two at the forefront in my mind are Soy milk and Almond milk.  Both come with their own sets of health benefits and each has its own dangers or detractors.  Recently, I have been researching the side effects of Soy milk and Almond milk from a hormone and reproductive concern.  I have struggled with infertility so obviously I have great concern for anything that will have effects on reproduction.

What I found when I began researching the effects of both Soy and Almond milk is they are both considered Goitrogens and affect thyroid function.

*Goitrogens are substances that suppress the function of the thyroid gland by interfering with iodine uptake, which can, as a result, cause an enlargement of the thyroid – Wikipedia

Thyroid function is important to fertility and therefore a concern for not only me but  any woman trying to get pregnant. Of course these are effects that are found when consumed regularly in high amounts, but they are effects nonetheless.   Typically, our society is one that is known to binge diet and could obsess over a specific milk replacement product which could lead to high consumption and the associated side effects.

I currently drink and use a modest amount of Almond milk (a great source of protein) in my diet.   In the past I have found a product that is low in calories and gone all or nothing in my consumption of it.   But the message I find at the end of my all or nothing journey is that moderation is key in all things.



After researching and deliberating I am still unsure which milk actually does a body good?

What milk, or non milk so you choose and why?  And do you consume in moderation?  Or is it all or nothing?

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  1. This is such a thought provoking post! I try to take everything in moderation. I haven’t researched milk substitutes so this post is actually great new information for me! I’m not a dieter because I’m just not that disciplined…..LOL. But I do try to exercise moderation in everything. Because something can be healthy – organic, or otherwise – but when not taken in moderation – can still result in a negative.

    Great post!!!

  2. I discovered early on while nursing my son that he was having reactions to dairy products. I switched to almond milk at first but he also reacted to the soy products in it. So we have stuck to brown rice milk ever since. He is 22 months and is still sensitive (proetin allergy that he may or may not grow out of) to dairy and soy ingredients so I use the brown rice milk for all my baking/cooking. Vanilla flavoured is the yummiest!

  3. I wasn’t aware of any risks associated with almond milk. I have been using it in meal replacement shakes now for about a month. You now have me thinking that I may want to look into using rice milk at least part of the time. Thanks for posting.

  4. Thank you for the great post!
    I do love almond milk (thank goodness my son does too). Both soy and dairy milk seem more dull energy wise…
    Plus, you can make almond milk from dry goods- alot less energy and time consuming than raising a cow!

  5. What a great post. I am so glad that there are others that are effected by infertility just like me. My acupuncturist was the first person to tell me to get off dairy. She said stay off soy too. She recommended almond milk but I did not like the taste of the original (always get original, the flavored ones are higher in sugar). I am now on rice milk but only use it to bake and eat cereal with. My weakness is cheese. She mentioned if I am going to eat cheese then eat organic, along with eating organic meats. I hope my dream of having a family becomes a reality.

  6. Nice post! I drink Silk soy milk, but just a splash in my coffee these days. I used to drink a lot more of it. It is interesting that the thyroid gets suppressed by Goitrogens. I recently started taking a supplement that made me feel pretty great (actually awake in the AM) and noticed that it was mostly kelp — which stimulates the thyroid. (Of course their are warning about having too much thyroid stimulation.) I have always had low blood pressure, and I think kelp also raises blood pressure.

    I was also a soy-milk drinking vegan when I bore my 2nd child. She still came out almost 9 pounds! I guess we should try to pay attention to how all these foods we consume make us feel. And I agree with Nicole about moderation.

  7. Hey mamma,
    I am actually working on this part of my blog with some of the extensive research I have done as well. I think you are dead on with using an almond milk which does not contain soy in it. I am also feeding one of my kids goats milk instead of cow milk. Finally, the best alternative I have found- it’s a company called So Delicious and they make Coconut milk…. it has less sugar and more brain food. 🙂
    Check it out if you can.
    Also, check out my blog- it’s in baby stages but I till think it’s worth a laugh.

    All my best,

    My Diaper Diaries

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