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Cute Vs. socks for kids!

Today, I bring to you the cutest invention to go on kid’s feet — Vs. Socks! Brought to us by founders Ashley Conners and Hannah Lavon, two awesome college friends now creating awesome, playful products for awesome people! Vs. Socks are absolutely, adorably, amazing.

socks for kids

Vs. Socks are the newest products invented by Ashley and Hannah and are designed for playful kids ages 4 to 8 years old. They are made of super soft and thick cotton blend material, complete with non-slip grips on the bottom.

For boys and girls

Vs. Socks are currently available in a boys’ 3-pack and a girls’ 3-pack. Each 3-pack is complete with 3 sets of animal “versus”. The girls’ 3-pack includes an owl vs. mouse, dolphin vs. fish and cat vs. dog. The boys’ 3-pack includes shark vs. penguin, lion vs. tiger and t-rex vs. triceratops.

socks for kids

My 3 year old daughter fell in love with the socks right away. I mean, what kid wouldn’t? The socks are thick and durable, playful and super colorful. She had a blast playing pretend with each versus pair.

Having never been a dull, white socks kind of gal myself, I love the playful uniqueness of these socks. I could totally go for a pair of these in my size. Knowing that you have on silly socks somehow makes the world a funner place. I mean, how bad could your day be if you have on silly socks? Get fired from your job? Who cares! There’s a playful rage of dolphin vs. fish going on your feet!

vs socks cat and dogv

The Vs. line includes socks sold in sets for kids and individual pairs for adults, Vs. booties — perfect for the babies in your lives and Vs. mittens for those playfully chilly days.

Head on over to Vs. Stuff to see their complete line of products, pick up a few unique pieces for those special people in your lives and even some for yourself.

I received vs. socks for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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