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For many around the U.S., summertime fun involves the outdoors and water play, whether that be a beach, a lake, a  pool, or even just good ‘ol backyard sprinkler play. With all that outdoor play though, it’s imperative to protect your skin from the sun!  With my super fair babes, protecting their skin is vital–especially since we happen to live in a place (Arizona) that’s sunny almost year round, putting us at least twice as likely for developing skin cancer than many other places!

Many kids don’t like sunscreen though and it can be a struggle to get their entire little bodies covered. Plus, it washes off and needs to be reapplied fairly frequently. When you’re busy having fun, it can be easy to forget to get all slathered up again.

So, what’s a savvy solution? UV Protection Swim Wear!

Over the last few years, these protective swimsuits have become a summertime fashion statement at our house! You can find quite a variety of options, often with UPF 50+ sun protection! There are hats, full body suits, long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts…the list goes on and on! Here is Big Brother donning his first sun protection swim wear at a trip to the beach a few years ago!

Now, you can find these special suits in many everyday stores. When shopping though, always make sure you check the details on the tags! Many stores are selling rashguard shirts and one piece items that have no sun protection at all (other than just being a shirt).

If you prefer to do some shopping online, there are a variety of places to check out:


We love this Pink Tie-dye from UV Skinz

Ice cream board Shorts by UV Skinz

Love the Dragon Boys collection over at SwimSkinz

Mod Flop Sun Protection Hat by iPlay


Another great website for sun protection clothing and swimwear is  http://www.coolibar.com


If you spend a lot of time playing in the water, these are definitely a savvy thing to buy! Prices tend to range between $25-$40 at full price, but you’ll certainly save money by not needing to buy nearly as much sunscreen. No matter what you choose though, just make sure to keep those precious kiddos’ skin safe from the sun!

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  1. That’s a great collection of different looks and styles. Our poor kids ahve been locked into functional but not fabulous–we’ll have another look. Thanks!

  2. Not only children and infants but also adults should wear these shirts. Each year, double the cases of skin cancer and the number is increasing. I think we should be aware and take precautions so as not to bring an unpleasant surprise for after may already be too late.

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