Tropicana Rewards – Saves the Rainforest!

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Where do you think Chocolate comes from?

From The Cocoa Tree –  which grows in the Rainforest!   The fruit of the Cocoa Tree are about the size of a pineapple and can be red, orange or yellow in color.  This fruit contains seeds which when dried and fermented turn into cocoa.   

 So if  you’re planning on filling  your kids Easter Baskets full of chocolate eggs and bunnies this weekend, you should probably thank the Rainforest!  Help save a Cocoa Tree!

By purchasing Tropicana Orange Juice, enrolling in the Rewards Program at and redeeming your points YOU can

HELP Rescue the Rain Forest!
Every 3 points = 100 sq ft of Rainforest

Tropicana is a partner of Cool Earth and Cool Earth is dedicated to three things, protecting endangered rainforest, building sustainable communities and engaging with you!

 In 2009, Tropicana helped save 93,221,800 square feet of rainforest!

Last year, we were lucky enough to go to Costa Rica and visit the Rain Forest!  Here we are at Fortuna Falls where we hiked 700 steps in the rain with two kids!

There are 20,000 ways to save with Tropicana Rewards.  The rewards program gets you discounts on everything from golf, massages, workout gear, camping equipment, to zoo and park admissions!  But the rewards program is doing much more than just saving you money.  By redeeming these points and using these discounts Tropicana is getting families out of the house and doing fun things together, which is a high value in itself!  Not to mention, visiting these local places of business, supporting your local zoos and appreciating your parks has an incredible amount of value too.

For more about Tropicana Rewards visit these links:
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 *Sponsored (just the post, not our trip to Costa Rica!)

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