The Best Toys for Kids This Holiday

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There are so many amazing new toys to gift this holiday season! With so many amazing toys on the market, we can sometimes feel overwhelmed with what to buy for who! These are some of the best toys for kids this holiday. We hope it makes your shopping a bit easier! We are giving a bunch of toys away, so make sure to enter at the bottom of the post!

The Best Kids Toys for Holidays

The BEST toys for kids this holiday
Put a smile on her face with Frozen II

Frozen II is all the rage right now…they say it’s even better than the first! Before the movie came out, we got our hands on these dolls and the girls were so excited about Anna and Elsa’s new dressed! Addison has been playing with the dolls for weeks which made her even more excited to see the movie! Gift the girls in your life these adorable new Disney’s Frozen II dolls. Better yet, give the gift of toys AND experience and book a movie date to go with this sweet gift!

Get active with Tiny Pong (and have fun yourself too!)

Tiny Pong is a-ma-zing! We have been playing Tiny Pong and trying to break record after record. Jonah has been running around the house playing Tiny Pong, which if you ask me, is way better than watching Netflix or playing video games this holiday season! There will be enough screen time as it is! Tiny Pong is an electronic handheld game of solo tennis. Simple press the button to launch the ball onto the court and then not so simply, try to bounce the ball back and forth to rack up points! with beginner and expert mode, this game is great for everyone from your school aged kids to grandpa!

Play-Doh is still as good as it used to be!

I remember playing with Play-Doh when I was a little girl, and now my kids love it just as much today! Play-Doh has their Animal Crew line or a variety of animals that are perfect for any child’s interests! Naybele Show Pony inspires kids to get creative with fun looks! Grow her mane as you add Play-Doh and then use the molds to decorate her with braided hair and other fun accessories like bows and flowers. This horse set will inspire create play all day long!

Littles by Baby Alive will provide much more than a “little” fun!

There is nothing Addison loves more than a baby and her accessories! Baby Alive came out with the Littles line of interactive toddlers! The Littles Push ‘n Kick stroller and doll set is the perfect girls for your growing girl. Unfold the stroller, put the toddler in and take her for a walk! As she pushes the stroller, the included Littles will kick her legs up and down like a real toddler. Grow her collection with additional littles or when he friend comes over, she can put her Little into the stroller as well, in the double stroller in this set! The Littles Push ‘n Kick Stroller and doll set includes a comb, a blanket, fashionable sunglasses, and a sippy cup. Available with blonde and brunette hair.


Baby Alive for your little caregivers

Baby Alive has always been a staple in our house! The Happy Hungry Baby makes this Baby Alive Doll very realistic! Baby is hungry and she needs to be fed! Mix the pre-packaged food with water and then feed baby in her high chair. Don’t forget to put on her diaper before she eats…trust me!! Follow up her meal with a sippy cup of water and then when she is all done, change her soiled diaper! Addison loves feeding her Happy Hungry Baby at the table while we eat!

Battleship Shots: Battleship like you’ve never seen before

Battleship Shots adds a new challenge to your favorite game of Battleship. Bounce the ball to sink and win. During this game, your kids will get to their feet to strategically bounce the ball over the divider to land inside their opponents ship! This game requires a lot of strategy as you try to sink your opponents ships!

Meet Ms. Monopoly

Ms. Monopoly, the niece of Mr. Monopoly, is a self-mad investment guru. She’s here to celebrate women trailblazers in the first game where women make more than men. Instead of buying properties, players invent in groundbreaking inventions and innovations made possible b y women throughout history. From inventions like WiFi to chocolate chip cookies, Ms. Monopoly celebrates women! This game is the newest Monopoly game and the best gift for your girls and boys!

The best for last

furReal Cubby, the Curious Bear, Interactive Plush Toy, is the gift that will steal hearts this holiday season! Cubby is a dream companion for kids ages 4 and up. Cubby excitedly takes part in their day-to-day activities and snuggles next to them at the end of the day. Cubby loves being held, snuggling, being feb it’s honey, playing peek-a-boo and even dancing! Cubby’s fur is so soft, you will want to steal a snuggle. Put Cubby on sleep mode for a rest or when he goes to bed with your child. Bring home a best friend for your child this season!

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