Cool Nail Art Designs That We Can’t Get Enough Of!

Cool Nail Art Designs We Can’t Get Enough Of!

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Whether you are working in an environment where you constantly have to use your hands, or are a busy mom who washes dishes in the sink all the time, a typical manicure may not be right for you. I have been changing up my routine to include polish that STAYS ON and adding a little Cool Nail Art that I can’t wait to share!

Cool Nail Art Designs That We Can’t Get Enough Of!

Nails for the busy Mom

Cool Nail Art Designs That We Can’t Get Enough Of!

With a regular polish change, I find myself constantly redoing my nails. One slight chip and I am either taking off my polish or right back at the salon. Recently, I have been going for shellac or dipped polish. These polishes typically withstand daily life without any worry.

Cool Nail Art Designs that we can’t get enough of!

Cool Nail Art Designs That We Can’t Get Enough Of!

Then my daughter introduced me to nail art. She took me to one of her favourite salons. Once there, I got to pick the nail art that I wanted to show off for the next month. Personally, I like to switch things up a bit and I get a little tired of small designs, but my daughter loves to get nail art done. She finds it is her way to express her personal style when she works at her job, where she has to wear a uniform.

Over the months, we have tried some really Cool Nail Art designs. If you are considering maintaining nail art as personal aesthetic, you have to be a little creative and edgy!  Since we don’t generally consider the same design twice, it is a good idea to investigate designs you are interested in prior to arriving at the salon. There are so many to choose from! Our tip: it’s best to take time on social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram for some serious nail inspo.

Here are some of our favourite nail art designs

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