Sun Lovers Beware!

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Summertime! The sun is shining and most of us want to start working on our tans. But, sun lovers beware. Over exposure to the sun is dangerous – not only for your skin but for your overall health. Remember getting sunburns as a kid or simply not applying sunblock at all so you could achieve the perfect summer glow? Well, those decision are now permanently etched in your skin’s memory in the form of moles and freckles! Eek.

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, look for the ABCDE signs of melanoma to be sure that your spots are just spots and not anything more suspicious.

Here’s a look at how to keep tabs on your freckles, sun spots, moles and other little imperfections. Pass the word!

  • Asymmetry – If you draw a line through this mole, the two halves will not match.  
  • Border – The borders of an early melanoma tend to be uneven. The edges may be scalloped or notched  
  • Color – Having a variety of colors is another warning signal. A number of different shades of brown, tan or black could appear. A melanoma may also become red, blue or some other color.  
  • Diameter – Melanomas usually are larger in diameter than the size of the eraser on your pencil (1/4 inch or 6 mm), but they may sometimes be smaller when first detected.  
  • Evolving – Any change — in size, shape, color, elevation, or another trait, or any new symptom such as bleeding, itching or crusting — points to danger.

Also if you have one mole that looks different than all your other moles, it’s a good idea to get it checked out.

Remember, using sunblock is definitely savvy, as is wearing the proper clothing including brimmed hats (plus you know you’ll look totally cute in one). This has been you summer sun advisory lesson for the season. Over and out!


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